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Livall BH60SE Helmet – Review and Giveaway – the high-tech protection for the high-tech cyclist

When it comes to cycling, your helmet is the most important thing after your bike. You need protection, and while it isn’t the law, I firmly believe every cyclist should wear one. Helmets come in various shapes and forms. However, the high tech solutions of the day seem to have passed them by. Livall are trying to buck the trend by giving users the option to add some high-tech solutions to an old design. The result is the Livall BH60SE helmet. With built-in LEDs for night time safety, indicators as well as safety systems to call SOS, this helmet has it all. Moreover, the BH51M, the predecessor to this, has already won the prestigious ‘Product of the Year’ in the Urban category at ISPO Munich 2018.

Livall BH60SE – Features

A brief demo and description of the device can be found at the following video:

  • Multi-function light-weight helmet
  • Weighs around 280g
  • Head circumference: 55-61cm
  • For: cycling, skateboarding, hoverboarding, etc
  • Smart LED lighting
  • SOS function – send an SOS to your emergency contact if you have a fall
  • Bluetooth allows handsfree phone calls as well as ability to listen to music
  • Walkie Talkie function via the app
  • Adjustable-fit, aerodynamic design with a comfortable nylon strap
  • Complies with safety standards around the world.

In the box

The box contains the following items:

  • Helmet
  • Remote (which comes with batteries installed)
  • Micro USB Cable to charge the helmet
  • Safety documentation

Weirdly, I found the case missed a bracket/rubber band to attach the remote to the bike. Luckily, I go through enough lights on my bike to have a spare stock handy.

Look and feel

To the untrained eye, this looks and feels like a regular (but good quality helmet). However, if you peak under the top, you will notice a bunch of buttons.

These allow you to turn the unit on/off or adjust volume. A port on the right lets you charge your helmet, while a microphone slot exists on the left. Further back, there are speaker grills which sit on top of your ears.

A nylon strap ensures you have a comfortable fit for those long bike rides.

Also included is a tiny remote that can be attached to your bike/handle, allowing you to indicate when you’re turning.

Otherwise, it looks and feels like any other helmet. It is fairly lightweight, meaning you won’t notice it to be any different while riding.


The first thing to do is to set up the helmet as a good fit for yourself. This is done by adjusting the nylon strap to allow it to go around your neck plus a ratchet mechanism on the back which lets you set the circumference. I am one of those ‘big head’ people, but even I found that I didn’t max it out.

After that, we turn the helmet on. This is indicated by a sound that says ‘Power on’, and LEDs start to flash on the back.

You can see the lights in action in the following video:

Press the buttons on the remote and you will notice the indicators point in the direction you want.

Listen to music with your phone

Pairing it with your phone is a simple process as well. All you need to do is press the on button for 4 seconds from ‘off’ state and it goes to pairing mode. Once it is paired, you can listen to music or make phone calls with this. Think of this as your very own heltmetphone.

Listening to music while cycling is a funny subject. People do it, but it is definitely frowned upon. The simple fact is that you really shouldn’t be covering up your ears. Being able to listen may be the reason you avoid getting hit. Livall have come up with a unique way to fix this. The speakers don’t go over your ears. They go near them, but leave plenty of room for any other sound to enter your ear. This means that the experience may not be immersive, but most importantly, it is safe.

The speakers are tiny, which means you get a tinny sound quality. However, this isn’t a major issue in this application. They work okay, even when there is a lot of wind noise.

As far as making phone calls is concerned, that only really works if you are stationary or very slow. Wind noise and the microphone positioning do not make a great combo on this one. Once again, I would argue that safety dictates that you shouldn’t be making phone calls while going on high speed.

SOS feature

One of the coolest features on offer is SOS. This makes this one a true smart helmet. This can be enabled via the app, which also lets you configure some other options. The SOS is based on built in accelerometers in the helmet. If your helmet falls to the ground (and lets assume you are wearing it), it will pop up a screen on your phone for 90 seconds, asking if you are okay. If you don’t respond till then, a message will be sent to a contact of your choice, letting them know that you fell.

A bit of a bump didn’t trigger this one, which is good. You really don’t want false alarms!


No helmet review can be complete without talking about comfort. I am happy to report that the cushioning, the nylon strap and the ability to adjust the size makes it a rather good and comfortable helmet. You can easily wear this for long bike rides without the need to constantly adjust it.


Now the best part. We are working in collaboration with Livall to offer our review sample to one of our lucky readers. Please use the widget below to enter

Livall BH60SE – Smart Bike Helmet

Entries open to UK residents, over 18 only. Giveaway closes on the 19th of March, 2018.

More information

For more information, click the following image. The helmet retails for roughly a £100 and can be bought directly from their website or via other online retailers.

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