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Maker Faire Rome – Europe’s Greatest Innovation Event

Being an engineer has many advantages. One of them is to be able to think about problems, think of a solution, and then end up making them. The joy of the times we live in is that this ability is not restricted to people like me any more. Anybody can be a maker now, and the Maker Faire events are a way to ensure that you too can get your hands dirty. The next Maker Faire is happening in Rome between 12 and 14th of October this year, and it will also coincide with Europe Maker Week.

maker faire

Rome might be famous for its ancient architecture and the lovely food, but beyond all that is a city that is outstanding for makers, inventors an creative minds. It is brimming over with young artists, engineers as well as start-ups. The city has been reshaping itself for generations and centuries. You just need to look around to notice the creativity and resourcefulness. After all, one of our very basic needs of plumbing was invented by the Romans a very long time ago!

5 reasons to visit Maker Faire Rome

  • One of the best parts of visiting any Maker Faire are the projects and the keynote speakers. At Rome, we are seeing an amazing diversity of content, including but not limited to: Food innovation, robotics, AI, Space Exploration, Digital Manufacturing, Circular Economy, Energy, coding and so much more.
  • Stuck for Christmas Ideas? A quick walk around will fill you with inspiration about brilliant ideas.
  • Edutainment: My favourite kind of entertainment. The area will inspire kids and young adults to approach and explore coding, robotics, handicraft and so much more. The idea is to get kids into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).
  • Well organised experience: The Fair is easily accessible, offers a big parking lot and has plenty of food and wine otions. It is also indoors, so even rain won’t stop the action!
  • And of course, you have Rome all around you! One of the world’s most beautiful city.

A little flavour of the event

Watch the video below to get a little flavour of the event:

Don’t forget you have keynote speakers such as:


  • Massimo Banzi – Arduino co-founder
  • Don Eyles, software engineer of the Apollo Space Program
  • David Baker from the British Interplanetary Society
  • Dana Lewis from Openaps


More information

You can find out more about the event by visiting the Maker Faire website. Ticket prices vary from €5 to €12 per day depending on your group/info, and can be bought from their website as well.

This post is done in collaboration with Maker Faire Rome. 

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