Space-Saving Ideas for Your Home

Keeping your home tidy and organised can be a challenge, especially if you have a big family. No matter the size of your living area, clearing clutter and creating more space helps things look a lot better. Science says that excessive clutter and mess can lead to stress and negative emotions, so it’s important not just for aesthetic purposes.

It helps to go through all your things from time to time and get rid of those that you’re no longer using.  You never know what you might find when rummaging through your wardrobes and drawers, and it’s a great chance to donate to charity or make some extra cash by selling online. However, you can’t get rid of everything, and you’ll need to organise the things you keep. Here are some ideas to save space and make sure your home stays tidy and clean throughout the year.

Making Use of Wasted Space

While your goal should be to increase the amount of space you have available, most homes have a fairly large amount of wasted space, either caused by the design of the rooms or the type of furniture you use. For example, if your wardrobe isn’t fitted to your room, there’s likely a gap down one side that isn’t used properly.

When you look around the rooms of your home, look for examples of wasted space and come up with ideas for how to use it. For example, if you have space down the side of a piece of furniture or a wall, you could use screw hooks to hang things down this gap. These are easy to install and let you store things safely and conveniently.

Lots of people also have wasted space on top of wardrobes or under their beds. Make sure you maximise all the available areas, using storage boxes to store things out of sight safely. Ideally, you should keep everything organised and ensure you have plenty of clear space in each room.

Creating the Illusion of Space

If you’re working with a really small room and don’t have much space to spare, there are some tricks you can use. Even just making a room seem bigger will make things look so much nicer. The easiest way to do this is by using mirrors. Full-length mirrors work best, and if they’re part of your existing furniture, then even better.

For example, full-length mirrored wardrobes are one of the best pieces of furniture to give you the illusion of more room. Another great way to make your space seem bigger is to avoid dark colours and ensure your room gets as much light as possible. Light and bright design can make a big difference to the feel of the room, giving it the appearance of being bigger than it really is.

Cleverly Designed Furniture

Every room needs furniture to give it a purpose. Whether it’s a bed and set of drawers for your bedroom or a coffee table and sofa for your living room. No matter what furniture you use, they’re always going to take up space. However, by choosing specific types of furniture, you can save space and reduce excess clutter from building up.

For example, a corner sofa is almost always a better choice compared to a standard unit, as it fits the square shape of most rooms and helps to save space with its design. You can also look for sofas that come with built-in storage, letting you keep things hidden away until they’re needed.

Other great furniture designs for saving space include nests of tables and wall shelves. These both provide a useful function in your home but don’t take up much floor space. In the case of the tables, they can easily be stored away when not in use. 

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