Easy fun with Plays.org

The internet offers many ways of finding online entertainment. The website Plays.org stands out as it offers a huge amount of friendly games in just one friendly website. In our article, we will be looking at its offerings, where you can immerse yourself in games, without needing to download anything, nor having the need to register. It even works on mobile phones!

Device agnostic at heart

One of the best features about the website is that it really doesn’t care what device you have. Be it a touch screen Android phone or tablet, or an old PC. As long as you have a browser, you can enjoy the wonderful games on offer.

Of course, you have to remember that the smaller size of a mobile screen could effect your gameplay!

Educational games

The great thing about Plays.org is how it offers a lot of learning through play. The website has a huge collection of educational games that can effortlessly mix in both fun and knowledge. From math challenges to quizzes around geography, any amount of learning can be a fun adventure too. Both parents and educators should be able to find this a safe and trustworthy website.

No adverts

Another aspect that I find really good about this website is that it is free of adverts. Makes the whole experience a lot smoother, nicer and just more relaxed. Also, once again, if you are a parent or a teacher, you can rest easy that any child consuming the games on this website will be safe.

No registration required

I really like that you don’t need to create an account to be able to play a game. However, if you did want to save your favourite games, the offer is there. Moreover, like most websites, you can either sign in using a 3rd party service like Twitter, Google and Facebook, or just make a direct account on the website.

Some of my favourite games

Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the popular games you’ll find on Plays.org:

  1. “Tetris”: Relive the classic puzzle game where you fit falling blocks together to clear lines. It’s a test of strategy and reflexes that never gets old.
  2. “2048”: A brain-teasing number puzzle game that challenges your math skills as you merge tiles to reach the elusive number 2048.
  3. Bubble Shooter: A whole range of games that offer the popular bubble shooter game.

However, my favourite game on the website is randomly, Grizzy and the Lemmings. It is based on Angry Birds, but if you have watched the cartoons, you will appreciate it.


Plays.org offers a quick and easy way, without any need for downloading, to play many simple and addictive games. Whether you’re looking to pass some time, look at some educational games, or simply want to relive some of your favourite games from the past, Plays.org offers it all.

Head there and give it a go!

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