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CulinarySchools.org – Bringing health to you via tools and games

As the world moves towards more and more processed food, the art of being able to know what to grow, what to eat, and what works best from a nutritional point seems to be losing its importance. CulinarySchools.org has found a novel way to teach your kids (and you!) all about healthy eating. What is this secret, I hear you ask. Simple. Games! Games, the good old-fashioned trick to teaching through fun and play.

It is about Culinary schools!

Before you feel curious about the name, it is what it sounds like. Overall the website is focused on helping budding chefs find schools, as well as lots of tips and tricks on how to be a good chef. In a way, the games that we’ll talk about below are just an extension of that mission.

Food-themed games

They start off with some educational games. One aimed at pre-schoolers, just to see what you can eat and what you can’t. Parents will relate. From there we head to word-based games, as well as identification of various food items from around the world.

You also have games that are focused on kitchen work and restaurants. One just focuses simply on boiling eggs, but a lot of them focus on the fact of how many tasks need to be juggled in a typical kitchen, be it at home or in a restaurant. A similar theme can be found around food-themed games that are focused on particular cuisines, like pizza, Mexican food, and even burger-themed games!

We also have games themed around farming and growing vegetables.

The trick which has been cleverly deployed is simple. Theme the games around educational topics while basing them on well-known games. So while the game-play comes easy, it also means that

Head over to their website to find out more.

Other tools to help you

If you’ve done your playing, and assuming you’re not just looking for an actual school to attend to be a chef, the website also offers plenty of tools to help you with your daily cooking.

My favourite one was an ingredient conversion one, which not only allows you to shift units but also notes simple basics like how big a shot glass is around the world.

There are a couple of tools also around weight loss, as well as exercising and healthy eating, and calculating calories burnt. There is even one around calculating tips!


Overall, I have quite enjoyed playing games and exploring CulinarySchools.org, and feel like it can serve as a great resource, not just for people who are seriously considering becoming chefs, but also if you’re just interested in finding good resources around healthy eating, mixed with fun and play!

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