Review: Edifier NeoBuds Pro

The Edifier NeoBuds Pro are one of the latest offerings from Edifier in the True Wireless Earbuds range. They offer Active Noise Cancellation, and an associated app helps you fine tune your experience.

Edifier NeoBuds Pro – Features

  • Hi-Res Audio TWS headphones with LDAC and LHDC deliver high-resolution sound
  • Knowles Balanced Armature driver + dynamic driver + electronic crossover technology for natural and balanced sound
  • Hybrid ANC technology reduces noise by up to 42dB
  • Three-microphone noise cancellation ensures clear phone calls
  • 6+18 hours of continuous playback
  • Quick charge of ten minutes for one hour listening
  • 80ms low-latency game mode supported
  • IP54-rated dust and water resistance for outdoor scenarios
  • Various sizes of antibiotic ear tips for your comfort and health
  • Personalize your experience with the EDIFIER CONNECT APP

Look and feel

It all starts with the box. It all comes packaged in a fairly elaborate and well cushioned box. Under the earbuds and case, you will find a set of many sized earbuds (from XXS to XXL!) as well as a USB C charging cable and some documentation.

The case itself has a knight rider (of the 21st century) styled red light on it, that flows from left to right, or blinks in different patterns to indicate as the device is charging or connecting. Also in the case is a button which can be used to push the headphones into pairing mode.

The earphones themselves are a fairly standard shape. They are a big bigger than the usual ones you see, but fairly normal size for the ones that include active noise cancellation as part of the package.


The setup is fairly simple. Just go to your Bluetooth settings, open the case and remove an earbud or both and they’ll appear in your Bluetooth devices.

After that, if you download the Edifier Connect app, you can access more features. You don’t need to do anything further to connect the earbuds to the app, it just connects to them when they are out of the case or the case is open.

Edifier Connect app

The app is fairly useful.

It allows you to:

  • See battery status of the earbuds as well as the case
  • Adjust noise cancellation option: (high, low, none, ambient)
  • Adjust equaliser settings
  • Adjust how you interact with the device (change options)
  • Pair with a different device
  • Factory Reset
  • Read operating manual

Ease of use

In some ways, all you need to do is plug these in and pop the music on, as long as it is all setup how you like it.

Having said that, the device works with double or triple taps to control various options such as play/pause, change mode, adjust volume, etc. I like the double/triple tap option, as touch sensitive earbuds are often sensitive to sweat and can get engaged if you’re running or cycling and sweating. The double/triple tap option avoids that.

As mentioned in the section before, you can change what a double or triple tap would do.

However, at least for me, it worked best if I was stood still or sat, and not really if I was walking or running. Some limited success was had while cycling.

All of this doesn’t matter, of course, if you’re willing to use your phone to control these.


As mentioned before, they stick out a bit. However, the earbuds go in very nice, and stay there very well. I have tried leaning over, and various exercise, and they haven’t attempted to fall out, which is a big win. I have lost enough of these to cycling/running that this is always a big thing for me.

The various options of earbud sizes makes it very convenient to make these a good fit for anyone and everyone.

I have worn these for 1-2 hours at a time, and while tiredness does creep in eventually, they’re mostly very comfortable.

Noise Cancelling

The active noise cancelling on these is pretty good. They seem to have taken a page out of Apple’s AirPods Pro’s, where they have included an ‘Ambient’ mode alongside the high, low and off noise cancelling. The Ambient mode actually makes it sound like you are not wearing any headphones at all, and almost makes it easier to listen to people as it adds a bit of amplification. This is great if you are out and about, or cycling or running, and need to be aware of your surroundings.

With the high and low noise cancelling, it is what you’d expect it to be. However, I was pretty much using the high noise cancelling at all times, because, let’s face it, why wouldn’t you.

Train journeys as well as the fans all about us are a lot more pleasant thanks to this.

Also great if you’re running to help you stay focused (though I normally use ambient mode as I run outside).

Sound Quality

And now to the bees knees of the device. What’s the sound quality like? Well, as expected, they do not disappoint. You are offered a fairly true tonal immersive experience, meaning you can enjoy great quality music, with a perfect balance.

This makes these ideal for pretty much all sorts of music. Throw in the ANC, and you have a great set of earbuds on your hands.

Edifier NeoBuds Pro – More information

More information for the Edifier NeoBuds Pro is available on the Edifier website.

They are available from various online retailers such as Amazon.

At the time of writing, they cost £129.99.


These have very quickly my new favourite go to earpieces, and compared to the competition, they are actually on the cheaper side. Definitely recommended!

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