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Review: Edifier MS50A – WiFi Smart Speaker

The Edifier MS50A is the latest connected offering from Edifier. Offering connectivity over WiFi, which opens it up to the likes of Apple AirPlay, Alexa, Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect. It also offers Bluetooth connection, making it a complete product. It can also be configured as a set of 2 units to offer stereo, as well as allow multi-room setup.

Edifier MS50A – Features

  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connection supported
  • Easy Wi-Fi connection by Edifier Home app
  • Compatible with Apple Airplay, Amazon Alexa, TIDAL Connect, and Spotify Connect
  • Quality sound
  • Simple control by touch
  • No built-in microphone, for privacy protection
  • Wireless stereo system with 2 units

Look and Feel

I like the design approach Edifier have taken with this device. A mix of classic wood finish and speaker mesh covers up the sides and front, while the top has an iPod styled control with buttons and touch control.

The device runs on mains, and the main cable is fairly well hidden at the back.

Not that it matters for a plugged in device, but it is fairly heavy, indicating a solid build.


The setup took a few goes. You have to start with the Edifier Home app (downloadable from Apple or Android App Stores). Turn the speaker on and press the three dots on top to put it into setup mode. This took some trying, but when it goes into setup mode, it speaks it out, so you know, and it suddenly appears on your app.

After that you have to choose a WiFi network (ideally same as the device you want to play music from) and add its password. This took 2-3 tries, but once setup, it was all good.

You can then look at some settings, etc in the app for the device. From there, you can also configure the stereo setup, if you have more than one of these.

It also automatically connected to my Amazon account, probably because I already have Alexa enabled speakers on the network.

For Bluetooth, you hold the three dots up top till the light turns blue (instead of white), and it goes into Bluetooth mode to allow you to pair there.

Ease of use

After the setup, it was pretty easy. Like any other WiFi speaker, you go to your music app, choose this as one of the available devices, and off you go.

The buttons on the top add a nice touch, and I like the iPod style volume control. Nice touch of nostalgia there!

Sound Quality

If you need a speaker with some might behind it, this is it. It is small in such terms, but I am sat on a different floor right now, and still happily listening to it play in the background. It isn’t even on its highest volume.

It is quite bass heavy, but more in a ‘you feel the music’ rather than it overpowers the sound way.

I have tried a few genres, including classical, rock and loads of Florence and the Machine, and it has delivered the joy in equal terms. I probably wouldn’t recommend this as the speaker for classical/opera, but it works pretty well for pretty much made after that.

Edifier MS50A – More information

More information on the Edifier MS50A can be found on the Edifier website.

It can be bought directly from them, or through other online retailers such as Amazon.

At the time of writing, it costs £129.99.


This one is a winner on all accounts, and will be a constant feature in my home.

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