Aura Mason – Smart HD Digital Picture Frame

The Aura Mason is a smart HD digital picture frame, offering beautiful detail and quality to your memories. The frame offers a brilliant screen, cloud connectivity and easy setup, making it the perfect device for personal use or as a gift.

Aura Mason – Features

  • 9″ Full HD 1600×1200 screen with best in class image quality
  • Rotate to display in either Landscape or Portrait
  • Unlimited photo and video storage
  • Effortless photo and video uploading from anywhere with the Aura app on iOS and Android
  • Adjustable slideshow speed so photos change as fast or slow as you want
  • Show photos and videos in chronological or randomly shuffled order
  • Built-in speaker lets you hear sound from your videos

Look and feel

The Aura Mason is available in White Quartz (looks like cream) or Graphite. We had the White Quartz to review, and it has the touch and feel of a cool textured ceramic. This forms a frame of about one inch thickness around the display.

The back of the device holds the port for the power connector as well as some holes for a speaker.

On top and the side are these sliding touch pads, which remind me of the original iPod. They allow you to control the device without needing to touch the screen.

While I had a tendency to touch the screen a lot in the early days, it isn’t actually a touch screen!


The setup for the device is fairly simple. You download the associated iOS (or Android) app, find the device via Bluetooth, and the device automatically picks up your WiFi details from your phone. After that, you can setup which photos you’d like to show on it, and this can easily be done by sharing an album or multiple photos with your device.

Ease of use

From that point on, that’s it really. You can adjust things using the app like how long an image is displayed for, or removing/adding photos from what is shown. The beauty of sharing albums are that they are live, and keep adding as you may add more photos to your album. For ease, I have synced my Favourites album with this device.

You can also use the touch pads on the top or the side to access various things like swipe through photos, see more information about the photo (depending on what is shared and properties of your photo, such as location and date),

Quality of image

This is where the device really shines. The screen is beautiful and immaculate. For the first few days, I was finding this device highly distracting, as me and my wife ended up sitting next to it and just talking about all the photos that kept popping up. I ended up changing the time to 15 minutes per photo (it was a lot shorter before) to keep us focused on dinner!

It has really highlighted all the beautiful photos I have been saving up, and has saved me from trying to print them off.


A big question you may have around the privacy of your photos, and this link from Aura explains it all.

TLDR: The photos sit on their cloud, and come with extra encryption. You can also delete your Aura account and all photos with it, but annoyingly you need to get in touch with their Customer Care for this. They promise not to sell your photos.

More information

More information on the Aura Mason can be found on the Aura website.

It retails for £180 and can be bought directly from their website, as well as the likes of Amazon.


Generally speaking, I have never been a big fan of photo frames. They have always left something to be desired with the quality of the image.

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