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Review – Mixoo Stylus Pen for iPads

Mixoo make a suite of stylus pens that form alternatives to most of the brand stylus/pens available on the market. When they originally got in touch with me, they offered me one of their products that is the equivalent of the Apple Pencil. Unfortunately, I did not have an iPad to try that with, so instead they sent me one of their universal Stylus pens, that is a close second to the main thing.

Mixoo Stylus – Features

  • Compatible with most touchscreen devices, such as iPhone 6/7/8/X/Xr/11/12 / iPad / iPad Pro / iPad Mini / iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Huawei, HTC, Google, Lenovo, LG and other Smartphones & Tablets (iOS/Android) devices. However, this is not compatible with Windows devices.
  • Designed like the iPad Pencil, including a magnetic attachment to allow you to attach it to your compatible iPad.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity or app required.
  • USB C Charged, just press the top and it turns on. Standby life of up to 365 days. Supports up to 20 hours of constant use.
  • 1.2mm POM tip to allow precision. 2 replaceable tips included.

Look and feel

This looks and feels remarkably like the Apple Pencil. It is a good build, and feels comfortable in the hand. The fact that it can stick to your iPad using magnets is a great feature too.

Ease of use

This is remarkably easy to use. I am not aware of the technology used, but all you have to do is touch the cap to wake it up, and once awake, it writes really well and very precisely. I tried it on an iPad as well as an iPhone, and it was amazing.

Point to note is that this isn’t equivalent to Apple Pencil in the sense that it works best when you are holding it perpendicular to the screen, and the angle of the pencil isn’t translated in how the lines appear in your drawing.

Having said that, for the price you pay, this is an amazingly precise device!

More information

More information for this product as well as the opportunity to buy it comes from their Amazon page. It currently costs £17.99.

They also offer an alternative which is even more universal than this.

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