ZeroWater Filter Jug

ZeroWater make filtering jugs, that come in 1.4 Litre sizes all the way up to 4.7 Litre sizes. Using a 5 stage filtering system, they promise to deliver the best quality (cleanest) water, and pitch themselves directly against Britta as their main competitor, and claim that their filters easily exceed and outperform anything on offer from Britta.

In fact, in a marketing campaign, they got Philip Schofield to try it out, and he poured red wine through the filter to get clear water at the other end! Marketing gimmicks aside, this peaked my curiosity, so I asked them if I could try one of them.

ZeroWater are so confident of their device, that they actually send a device that measures any molecules other than water in your supply. I got around 250ppm as I live in a hard water area before filtering, and as soon as the water had gone through the jug, I got a wonderful zero.

Moreover, the water actually tastes cleaner. It actually tastes softer (as this turns hard water into soft water), and very much like what you’d expect bottled water to taste.

If I really had to pick an issue, the only one I have is that the jug itself is too big for me to use in my daily use. The one they have sent me holds 2.8 Litres/12 glasses, which means it is generally quite heavy, and also doesn’t fit that easily in the door of a fridge. However, smaller sizes exist, so this isn’t much of an issue.

All in all, if you like to have clean water, this is a handy device to have. A filter can theoretically last up to 150 Litres, so that’s kind of how you can estimate the main costs. The jug they sent me is £40, including filter and the water quality measurement device, though after you have checked the water quality, you only really need to use it every now and then to ensure your filter is still working.

More information on what ZeroWater removes can be found on their website.

The jug can be bought directly from their website.

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