Water Dispenser Tailored To Your Needs Connected To The Very Best Cooling Solution

Haier has created another modern refrigerator in its ever-growing cooling range.

This stunning new product features an ergonomic design, premium solutions, and amazing tailor-made technology. FD 83 Series 7 is tailor-made to your needs.

haier refrigerator

This French-door refrigerator range gives you a large 83cm space along with the most advanced technology to deliver perfect food preservation.

Thanks to the hOn App, you have total control over your refrigerator functions by smartphone. An intelligent and customized way to satisfy your needs at any time. Moreover, it features an innovative water dispenser, for fresh and filtered water every time. Satisfy your needs even before you know them, in an engaging, customised, and intelligent way: this is the aim of the Haier FD 83 Series 7.

Pro-active Temperature

Artificial Intelligence sets the right temperature before you come back from the grocery and after you loaded the fridge (+73% faster). 

Visual MyZone

Suggest ideal temperature for specific food inside MyZone drawer thanks to the hOn app. 

Assisted Recipes

Provides advanced assistance for specific premium recipes. 

Summary of innovative technology: 

Wi-Fi Connected

FD 83 Series 7 further enhances the performance thanks to Haier Artificial Intelligence and the hOn App, which ensures the best cooling experience by using the newest and most exclusive Haier Connectivity features for whenever and wherever you need them.

Total No Frost

Never manually defrost again with Haier’s Total No Frost. More advanced than traditional “frost free” technology, multiple air flows maintain consistent temperature in all compartments to ensure frost never builds up.

Air Surround

This keeps food tasty and improves and juiciness up to 99%.

Direct Access Drawers

An ergonomic design that prevents cold air from escaping when the doors are open. Thanks to this innovation, you can see all your food at glance with 30% energy saving.*

*as certified by VDE N° ID.40048641

Humidity Zone

Thanks to this special drawer, you can maintain the ideal humidity level for fruits and vegetables and preserve fresh food 2 times longer.*

*as certified by VDE N° ID.40046454


MyZone allows you to choose the temperature of this special drawer simply by one touch and only according to your requirements.

Fresher Shield

Cube 83 Series 7 is able to reduce temperature fluctuations, avoiding a detrimental effect on the shelf life and flavour of food. Thanks to Fresher Shield, the stabilized temperature means that stored produce retains its qualities up to 2 times* longer than a normal freezer.

*as certified by VDE N° ID.40046454

Fresher Pad

The Fresher Pad is a unique innovation that makes the freezing process three times faster, in order to preserve the nutritional content of your food by ‘locking in’ its nutrients.

It also defrosts food 3 times faster* with 30% less drip loss.


Organise and find food in your refrigerator with eye-friendly lighting. Enjoy the unique surround lighting system which shows clearly every corner of every shelf of your refrigerator.

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