myFirst Headphones. Allow Children To Stay Aware of their Surroundings

Unlike traditional headphones, myFirst headphones use bone conduction technology to transmit sounds via the cheekbones. The technology leaves ears open to the surrounding sounds, meaning parents can get their child’s attention and most importantly, allowing children to listen to music and still be alert to their surroundings.

myfirst headphones

The headphones are wireless and can be connected via Bluetooth smartphones, tablets, or even watches to play music or audio from 15meteres away. They are unbreakable and featherlight weighing just 26 grams. Once fully charged they can be on standby for 480 hours and playback for 5 hours. They are water-resistant to IP66 meaning they can survive whatever a child does to them.

The audio is set to an appropriate volume, ensuring safe levels of listening to the child, not harming their ears, whilst being loud enough for them to enjoy their sounds without being closed off from the outside world. Designed with parents in mind, the headphones mean that parents can effectively communicate with children, whilst allowing a child to enjoy their own space in a safe environment.

The myFirst Headphones BC Wireless cost £74.50 from myFirst.Tech

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