Latest LG Instaview Refrigerators With Seamless Design Bring Instant Sophistication To Any Kitchen

LG Electronics (LG) is releasing its latest InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators with new design innovations and upgraded features for 2021. Delivering sophisticated style and improved user convenience, the sleek, new models boast an enhanced InstaView Door-in-Door and LG’s proven technologies for maximising food freshness. 

LG Instaview

Sleeker Look with Upgraded Design

Elevating convenience in the kitchen since its introduction in 2015, LG InstaView Door-in-Door has been further refined for the new refrigerator lineup. The latest LG InstaView models sport a flat stainless-steel design that provides a greater sense of visual balance and unity. With stylish black bezels that echo those found on LG’s new ovens and microwaves, the seamless InstaView Door-in-Door fridges harmonise effortlessly with other appliances in the kitchen, helping to create a calm, inviting and elegant environment. 

This year’s InstaView fridges have a sleeker look with the tinted glass panel extending across the whole upper half of the right-hand door. The InstaView window itself has also been enlarged so that users can see more of what’s stored inside. LG InstaView illuminates the fridge’s interior with just two quick knocks on the door’s transparent glass, while the Door-in-Door reduces cold air loss by providing a convenient space for keeping frequently used items handy. 

Continuing the clean, contemporary styling of the 2021 InstaView lineup is the UltraSleek Door design, which incorporates cleverly hidden but easily accessible handles, and the new water dispenser, which is integrated into the dispensing-lever itself and features a ring light that emits a soft glow for guiding thirsty users. Helping to make the LG InstaView user experience more accessible to everyone, the display panels employed in the new models comply with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

Fresher Water and Food for a Healthier, More Convenient Lifestyle

To meet growing consumer demand for hygiene- and health-centric features and improved user convenience, the new InstaView refrigerators employ LG’s UVnano™ technology, which harnesses the power of ultraviolet light to protect the water dispenser tap from potentially harmful germs – without the user having to lift so much as a finger. First introduced in 2017 on select, premium LG water dispenser products, UVnano operates automatically once every hour to remove up to 99.99 percent of bacteria from the refrigerator’s dispenser tap.1 For additional peace of mind, the UVnano feature can be activated at any time with the quick press of a button, so users can enjoy freshly filtered water from a hygienically clean dispenser tap whenever they need it.

The core function of any refrigerator is to keep food fresher for longer. And with LINEARCooling™ and DoorCooling+™, LG InstaView models excel in doing just that; keeping fresh food items crisp and juicy for up to seven days. LINEARCooling minimises temperature fluctuations, the main cause of food spoilage, 2 and DoorCooling+ cools the refrigerator’s doorcompartment by distributing powerful airflow from a strategically positioned vent.

Greater Convenience with Smart Features

Delivering even more value, the LG ThinQ™ app lets users monitor and control their InstaView fridge, check how much energy it is consuming, receive alerts if the door has been left opened, and even adjust the brightness of the interior lighting depending on the time of day. LG’s ThinQ also supports Google Assistant for effortless voice control, 4 and includes Smart Learner – a feature that can learn from refrigerator usage patterns to optimise cooling performance, and energy efficiency.

“Our new InstaView lineup meets the growing demand for refrigerators that offer good design, better convenience, and hygiene and health features that help protect consumers and their loved ones,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “Energy efficient and effective at extending food freshness, LG’s InstaView fridges are ready to take life in the kitchen to a whole new level.”

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