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Turn On The Lights With Your Mind? – MyndHub

We have all heard how the future is here with all the mind-boggling stuff we are able to do. But have you thought about being able to control devices with your mind? Look no further because the new MyndHub from MyndPlay is bringing your wildest imaginations to life. Turn on the lights? check! Fancy a cuppa? Switch the kettle on? Check!

MyndHub is a plug-and-play EEG headset that you can wear on your head and start your mind adventures. It can help you focus, stay calm, control devices, and move motor objects.

Device Control

The MyndHub lets you control devices in your home. You can connect the headset and use it to control them using your mind. It even lets you adjust difficulty for your tasks and control as you improve your skills using it. Once you develop skills of control with your MyndHub, you can set the difficulty levels and bring a new sense of calm to your environment.

Neuro Feedback

The MyndHub headset works on the neuro signals and can help you understand when you need to reset and take a few steps back. It alerts you when its time to take a break. If you lose focus, you can turn off lights or music to give you some time to take a break. You could also connect Alexa or similar home devices to help you meditate and get some peace back in your life.

Telekinesis Technology

MyndHub can help you make your connected devices move, spin, fly or change by simply using your mind power. Using MyndHub you can develop your mental fitness over time and practice to stay calm and controlled under stress. This is great for impressing your friends and family, but at the same time, can reduce your changes of mental fatigue and burnout.

How does it work?

The MyndHub uses the three dry sensors on your forehead to measure brain activity. It then transmitts the signals to the MyndHub using bluetooth and allows you to operate devices using the MyndHub. You can see your brain activity, focus, relaxation and flow in real-time.

The MyndHub can also be integrated in a number of devices. You could wear it as a headband, add it in a cap or helment or a headphone.

MyndHub will be launching in Kickstarter on the 27th of July 2021.

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