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myBrain – Decoding The Mind Mysteries

The French Neurotech leader, myBrain Technologies has finally announced their first-ever non-invasive brain signal acquisition hardware and a platform to go with it to help decipher human brains’ signals to identify behaviours and feelings associated with the use of different products/environments. With the surreal use of artificial intelligence and neuroscience, the myBrain aims to record, analyze and decode electric signals from the brain in real-time using their patented technologies.

myBrain has already tested its first device to complete more than 45,000 “brain reading” sessions making it a world leader in the field. And today – July 8th, they aim to deploy their Neuro-Markers platform as a SaaS across all industrial fields through ILAB – their Innovation Lab. This will allow industrials and service providers to develop and improve product performances to fit user needs. They’ll be able to use the mind data signals to link with the behaviours and reactions users have while being in the environment or using the products.

The Idea

myBrain technologies have developed a completely non-invasive solution that records, and decrypts human cognitive behaviour and emotions. The solution is based on two innovations that complement each other. First is a customizable headphones that will allow EEGs, to measure real time electrical brain activity using the dry electrodes positioned on the scalp. Second innovations is the digital platform that records these cerebral signals and uses several artificial intelligences to translate and understand different emotional and cognitive dimensions.

The Tri Harmony – Man, Machine, and the Environment

The future is here thanks to AI and neurosciences, the industry leaders are noe able to detect and treat pathologies and better understand the human mind and adapt to their environment. This will essentially help industries to analuze and anticipate user behaviour. In the instance of self-driving vehicle, the myBrain can analyze and anticipate the driver’s state of mind while interacting with the self-driving vehicle. In the instances of perfume industry, myBrain can help record and analyze brain activity reaction to certain fragrances.

Scaling myBrain

myBrain is the successor of previously developed “Melomind” that allowed them to record more than 45000 brain training sessions called “Neurofeedack”. These sessions allowed Melomind to analyze user’s state of mind and enable them to manage their daily stress better. It helps to break physiological loop of stress and reinforce neuronal connections. With continued research in neuroscience and AI, the algorithms of myBrain Technologies are becoming more and more reliable, precise, and diverse.

The platform is available as a SaaS with four packages available. Trial, Starter, Partner, and Visionary.

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