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Smile Brighter With the New OCLEAN X Pro ELite – Fast and Quiet

There’s a new, smarter and quieter way to brush your teeth. Its the new OCLEAN X Pro Elite. An electric toothbrush that is designed to amaze the users with its sleek design, extremely high speed, and performance. The X Pro Elite is one of the smartest toothbrushes to have been designed.

The OCLEAN X Pro Elite features a brushless motor that brushes at the speed of the sound, delivering a maximum of 42,000 rpm, and its WhisperClean™ technology that enables it to work at speed without the noise. It is also equipped with a battery life of up to 35 days. Not only does the battery lasts super long, it also features a Qi Quick Charge technology that will fully charge the toothbrush in just 3.5 hours.

The OCLEAN X Pro Elite is truly a smart brush that analyzes your brushing techniques and also suggests on how you can improve via the dental mode on its 0.96-inch touch screen. This brush truly works for you and your smile. The AI algorithm is built to help you improve your brushing techniques and develop good brushing habits. The Smart dental modes don’t just work on normal teeth conditions, they also have a sensitive mode to help with teeth sensitivity. You can customise upto four brushing models with adjustable 32 level intensity.

The X Pro Elite doesn’t just care about your brushing, but it also comes in a stylish, sleek design to make sure you look good both while brushing and while flashing your shiny, clean smile.

The OCLEAN X Pro Elite is now available to buy online for RRP £74

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