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SEAT Ibiza – Refreshed Inside Out!

SEAT confirmed on 12th July 2021 about their SEAT Ibiza coming out with a refreshed look. The Ibiza has been a key pillar in the brand’s success ever since its launch in 1984. 37 years, five generations, and nearly 6 million sales, all speak of SEAT Ibiza’s success since it rolled off of SEAT’s production line.

Here’s everything to commend in the new SEAT Ibiza:

  • 100% LED headlights are going to be as standard in the new updated exterior along with the model’s name embossed in handwriting.
  • Interior of the vehicle has been revolutionalized with a modern, digital design with illuminated air vents and larger, floating infotainment systems.
  • SEAT CONNECT – wireless acess to CarPlay and Andriod Auto bring greater levels of connectivity.
  • The voice recognition “Hola Hola” make the new SEAT Ibiza ready for the digital era.
  • Packed with advanced driver assistance systems such as Travel Assist and Side Assist.
  • The new Ibiza will be available with six different powertrains ranging from 80PS and 150PS, in petrol and CNG.

The new SEAT Ibiza is given a modern makeover to help it become suitable for the digital era with its advanced driver assistance systems, and newer greater levels of connectivity, all with a fresh new modern look. This updated fifth generation of Ibiza is here to maintain the winning streak as a key model in its segment in Europe.

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