XGIMI Halo – Android TV Projector

One of the beauties of the times we live in is how accessible different technologies are for us. XGIMI Halo projector is one of these devices. Offering a bright projector experience mixed with Harmon/Kardon speakers, and powered by Android TV, this device has it all.

XGIMI Halo – Features

  • True 1080P resolution, support 4K
  • True cinematic projection with up to 300 inches display
  • 600 – 800 ANSI Lumens
  • Official Android TV system with 5000+ apps
  • Premium sound by Harman-Kardon
  • Keystone correction projection
  • Mirroring from your phone via Chromecast
  • Voice control with Google Assistant
  • Up to 2 hour battery life, making it truly portable
  • Remote control to allow full control


The setup for this is pretty much the same as that of any Android TV. This means that you will have to connect to a WiFi, and ideally sign in with a Google account. You need that to access all the apps available on Android TV. If you don’t want to do that, you can still use this via ChromeCast.

Most apps have simple and quick setups. Some want you to enter your login details, while others give you a link for a more seamless account verification.

Apps available

Annoyingly, this is still running on Android 9.0. So you have most of the apps available, but some major apps like Netflix and BBC iPlayer were not available. You can still run those using ChromeCast from a phone, but obviously that means relying on a separate device.

However, some of the apps are available in other ways.

This is what XGIMI had to say:

One thing I wanted to point out that may be worth updating is that there is a way to get Netflix on the projectors UI though this method below, XGIMI is in final stages to have Netflix run natively on all their devices.

(1)Search “XTV Manager” in Google Play

(2)Open XTV Manager and choose “Apps”, then you’ll find Netflix.

You could check the tutorial video for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQ824GX1jS8

The display

The display is particularly impressive. It is really bright for a projector, means you can easily watch stuff, both indoor and outdoors, at any time of the day. All you need is a good surface to project on to.

This means that you can pretty much take this projector wherever you are, and all you need is something like an empty wall, or maybe even a roof, to watch something.

Auto-focus and keystone adjustment mean that all those details are already taken care of. Be it watching Star Wars with its fast paced action, or a nature program, this projector will not be a disappointment!

The display is sharp, in focus, and bright, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Sound Quality

This is where this really shines. The embedded Harmon/Kardon speakers pack a real punch, and turn anything you’re watching or listening into a real immersive experience.

The speakers are what turn this from a good to a great device. I have particularly enjoyed listening to music on this, even when I am not watching anything.

Also, the potential to host parties with music videos being projected on guests is definitely a dream to look forward to in post pandemic times!

Truly portable

Packed in also is a 2 hour battery, which makes this a truly portable device. While you might not take it out with you to the park, you can definitely take it to your garden for a bit of music or a garden cinema experience.

Extra Inputs

And if all else fails, there is also a HDMI input, for when you want to just use the amazing display and speakers.

More information

More information for the XGIMI Halo Projector can be found on the XGIMI website.

At the time of writing, it retails for £729, and can be bought directly from them or through other retailers such as Amazon.

There is currently a £100 off deal through their website too.


If it isn’t obvious enough, I definitely love this. It might be a bit on the expensive side, but with the potential of it being a streaming device makes it future proof, and those speakers are definitely worth the big bucks!

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