Moosoo Robot Vacuum Cleaner (MT710)

When it comes to cleaning, a vacuum cleaner is an important tool for all of us. Robot Vacuum Cleaners have been around for a long time, but there hasn’t been a massive uptake for two reasons. They are often very expensive, and they are just not that clever. The Moosoo Robot Vacuum Cleaner MT710 gets rid of those issues. Not only is it very well priced, it works well, avoids obstacles, can deal with rugs and be scheduled to clean when you’re not home.

Moosoo Robot Vacuum Cleaner MT710 – Features

  • Multifunctional, with Alexa and Google Assistant compatible app that allows you to control it remotely.
  • Super thin (2.8″ thin profile) and great suction for its size.
  • Great at not getting stuck
  • Many different cleaning options such as spot clean, edge clean, manual clean, etc. Can also be setup to do automatic cleaning at a schedule.
  • Infrared sensors to help avoid obstacles and prevent it from falling.
  • Automatically returns to charging base when finished.
  • Can deal with rugs and floors easily.
  • Battery provides up to 2 hours of life, allowing up to 160 sq feet of cleaning at a time.
  • 600ml dust bin supports longer cleaning sessions.
  • Comes with washable HEPA filter.


The setup is reasonably straight forward. All you really need to do is plug the sweepers in (you get spares) into the left and right slots, ensure the dustbin is in, and off it can go and clean.

I did let it charge a bit before I started.

While you can set the app up, you don’t need to do it, and can just use it with the remote it comes with.

Annoyingly, the remote did not come with any batteries, but luckily I have a good supply of AAAs at home.

The App

The app gives that little bit extra. You can control the device with it, and it creates a nice little map of where it has cleaned. It didn’t work all the time, and sometimes we just saw an empty spot even though it had cleaned for ages. The following was one of the better screenshots.

A screenshot of the Moosoo ‘Smart Life’ app

It does tell you other information such as battery life, or how much it has cleaned. It also lets you adjust options for the device.

Interestingly, it connects your device via WiFi, and not Bluetooth, so that it can sit on the network. Having said that, if you are at work and want to control it, you cannot. So best way to use this is to either schedule a clean or just turn it on as you leave home.

Up and down the rugs

Interestingly, my last experience with such a device left me quite unimpressed. We have a heavy ply rug in our living room, and that was enough to defeat it. The Moosoo MT710? Not a problem at all. In fact, it even climbed up a couple of books.

Watch out for wires

The one thing you do need to be careful of is wires. Like any other vacuum cleaner, it will suck them up, and while it doesn’t get itself caught in any obstacles, it can get caught in a bunch of wires. So, make sure there aren’t any charger cables etc lying on the floor, because that’s the one thing I have found that will defeat this.

It sucks well!

It really does. It will not beat a big powerful vacuum cleaner, but compared to other devices I have tried, it sucks really well, and the proof is in the dustbin. It is almost always full after a full clean of our downstairs.

The best way to use this is to basically run it daily while you go off and do work (or sit upstairs and do work). The trick is to ensure you have cleaned up a path for it, and made sure there are no wires for it to get stuck around. Let it run and you will come back to a nice and clean house everyday.

Cats are less bothered with it

One massive perk of this was the fact that the cats are a bit less bothered about this compared to a regular vacuum cleaner. Not only does it move a lot slower, it also is a lot quieter than a usual vacuum cleaner. That means that when you do run it, you get suspicious cats who ‘avoid it’ rather than run away like crazy!

More information

More information about the Moosoo Robot Vacuum Cleaner MT710 can be found on the Moosoo website.

It retails for around £115, and can be bought directly from their website.

Other Moosoo products are available via Amazon, but not this at the time of writing.

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