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5 reasons to feel good about buying a ‘second life’ phone

Getting the latest phone with all the updated features often empties the pockets of people for the month or two. As a result, buying a second life phone becomes a viable option. However, there are other reasons to go for this option as well. Aznu has been working at the forefront of providing people with second life phones. You may not know it but giving phones a second life through companies like Aznu has a positive impact on both you and the environment. Here are five reasons to feel super-good about buying an ‘second life’ phone:

It slows down the mounting pile of e-waste

Well, the e-waste footprint of the world has been increasing every year. There are so many phones which do not get properly recycled. Some of these get dumped in the wrong places. Lastly, there is a chunk of phones that does not get recycled at all. It wouldn’t hurt to contribute to this by having company’s like Aznu to help you get a second life phone to reduce the e-waste.

It stops the environment being poisoned

When smartphones are thrown away, they turn into poison for the environment. There are a lot of chemicals that go into your smartphones. Once these chemicals are exposed to the environment and are leaked into the water, they are quite damaging. 

Earth’s precious metals are kept in the loop

Most smartphones contain around 62 metals; many are rare and expensive to mine. The EPA says that for every 1 million recycled phones, around 35,274 lbs of copper, 772 lbs of silver, 75 lbs of gold and 33 lbs of palladium can be recovered. So, let’s keep these precious metals off the rubbish heap!

Because recycling tech is a good habit

Instead of being ashamed or embarrassed about owning a refurbished smartphone, you should be boasting about it with pride. The world has now seen an increasing need of recycling because of the environmental threats. As a result, everyone is working towards contributing to reducing the harmful effects on the environment. Buying an Aznu phone is recycling too, which feels good every time you do it.

You no longer need the latest model

Well, if you get an Aznu phone, you won’t need the latest flagship model every year. It is time that you get rid of the feeling of missing out and take a stand. Your two to three-year-old phone is still worth it today. 

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