Be your own boss with the new Nokia 5.4 

The home of Nokia phones, HMD Global, has today launched the latest addition to its 5 series smartphones – the Nokia 5.4.

The new handset from the European smartphone player has been designed to help people manage their increasingly busy lives while catering to the growing side hustle trend. Side hustlers supplement their salaries with an additional income stream – whether it is as a designer, writer, photographer or DJ, the rapidly expanding movement has seen more and more people turn their passions into cash, by simply using their phone.


Championing speed and performance at amazing value, the Nokia 5.4 is the perfect partner for budding photographers. The signature quad-camera stamps out shutter lag completely and has been upgraded to 48 megapixels – that’s 162 times better than the first Nokia camera phone (the Nokia 7650). This means you’ll never miss a moment – whether you’re capturing your passion project or precious family moments.

Treasured videos will look richer with professional colour grading for a cinematic feel to your home and work movies. As for that all-important performance, the Nokia 5.4 promises a faster and smoother experience. In fact, it has enough juice to power you through 42 commutes (mean global commute is 67 minutes) and still have battery left over to check in with the kids and your email.

Leaders in offering the latest security patch updates and Android upgrades, Nokia smartphones are beautifully designed inside and out. With three years of security updates covered, parents are safe for the time it takes their newborn to start walking, talking, speaking and telling their own stories. Bringing peace of mind to consumers, Nokia smartphones are number one in the 2020 brand trust rankings, raising the industry benchmark for upgrading more affordable devices.

Your Nokia 5.4 has:

  • 4000mAh battery – enough juice to handle 42 commutes (mean global commute is 67 minutes) with power to spare to check-in with the kids
  • 3 years of security updates – the same time it takes for a child to walk, talk, learn to speak and tell their own stories
  • Tough polycarbonate body – strong enough to withstand the weight of a 10-year-old child (average global weight is 70.5lb)
  • 48MP camera – 160 times more detail than the first ever Nokia camera phone (Nokia 7650) 
  • 0 shutter lag – 100% chance of capturing your child’s first cartwheel on camera
  • 60FPS – nearly 3 times as smooth as cinema industry cameras 

Pricing and availability

The Nokia 5.4 will be available in the UK from from 18th December in Polar Night (Dusk coming in January) for 159.99 GBP in the 4/64 GB configuration. It will also be available from Amazon and Argos in January 2021.

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