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U-mask, The High-tech Face Mask Embraced By Formula 1 Teams, Launches In The UK

The world has now seen it’s first biotech mask in the shape of the U-Mask launched by the U-Earth. It is now also available to the people in the UK as a step taken by the Italian startup to grow it’s market. 

The U-Mask has harnessed the pioneering technology from it’s parent company. Formula 1 and MotoGP teams this season used it as an essential saftey feature, including McLaren, Williams Racing, Red Bull and Yamaha. 

U-Mask takes the features of standard face-coverings of blocking air contaminants at their surface to a whole new level by leveraging the power of biotechnology. It destroys any and all bacteria and viruses inside the masl. The company had to identity a molecule on which it spent extensice research and testing. It came up with a polymeric mixture containing a natural active ingredient – capable of killing bacteria and microbes, which severely limits the risk of contracting and transmitting pathogens between humans.

You can also replace the filtration system of the mask. A single filtration system can be used for a good 200 hours. Consisting of four-layers, the face-covering is self-sanitizing and available in ten colours direct from the U-Mask online store, priced at £36. The regenerated nylon material is environmentally friendly and made from recycled ocean plastics.

Betta Maggio, Founder and CEO of U-Mask said: “We’re incredibly proud to bring U-Mask to the UK market and believe that we’re able to provide an essential solution to those who need it most. Our technology is unrivalled in its safety offering, while still providing a comfortable and stylish option to consumers. We’ve already seen huge interest from the UK, with many consumers ordering Formula 1 team masks and our regular masks from our online store, so we feel this is the perfect time to officially bring U-Mask to the UK.”

“Tim Hunt, Commercial and Marketing Director of Williams Racing said: “With the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic continuing on a global scale, health and safety, air quality, and excessive waste from disposable face masks form a bigger challenge than ever. Working with U-Earth Biotech ensures that our team feels safe and protected at work, whilst also making a conscious effort to do this in a sustainable manner. We look forward to working with them for the rest of the 2020 Formula One season.”

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