Cutting-edge Swedish fashion brand launches range of contemporary true wireless headphones

The Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand WeSC, known for stand-out creativity and style, has released a line of headphones.


The headphones have been designed keeping in mind the youth on the go. As a result, the products in the line-up are affordable yet stylish. All headphones are true wireless in ear and on ear, as well as a more traditional wired stereo headset.

The headphones come equipped with features that enable them to produce high quality dynamic sound. Moreover, with a minimal, striking and contemporary look, the headphones are in-keeping with the brand’s young, fresh and stylish aesthetic.

Founded in 1999, WeSC (We Are the Superlative Conspiracy) is known for its fashionable designs, mixing skateboarding, music, and art youth sub-cultures to create stand-out pieces.

Joseph Janus, CEO of WeSC, said: “We are extremely excited to be launching our latest headphone range.

“True wireless continues to grow in the market and customers are looking for trusted brands where fashion meets function, and we are confident our products deliver.”

There headphones are available in four incredible colours including black, white, navy and pink. The features included in them are in line with the needs of the urban teens. 

Users will get up to 20 hours of playing time on a full charge on the brands true wireless earbuds. The foldable and light design of the over ear model reflects how it was designed keeping travel in mind. 

WeSC is known for numerous exclusive collaborations and limited editions with renowned brands and artists such as Adidas, Absolut Vodka, Nokia, Smart and the Andy Warhol Foundation, RZA, Skrillex, Axwell, Beny Fairfax, Jason Lee, Arto Saari, Galantis and more.

The new collection of lifestyle-inspired headphones is available from Amazon and start from £14.95.

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