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Nanoleaf Launches Essentials Bulb and Lightstrip for Your Everyday Smart Lighting

Nanoleaf, the smart lighting leader in the industry, has announced the Essentials, a new line of smart bulbs and lightstrips. This new addition to the product line up by Nanoleaf offers vivid whites and a rich colour palette for your everyday lighting needs. 


No matter what the conditions are around you, the Nanoleaf essentials will offer optimal lighting for all, whether it is working from home, relaxing before bed, or setting the right mood for a special date night in. The Essentials also offer the most vivid bright whites for daily lighting that make it the brightest white lightning with the smart light category. The bulb and light strip also feature a built-in Circadian Lighting feature that automatically adjusts its colour temperature throughout the day to complement natural daylight, setting the perfect ambience at any given time. Users can even set their lights to custom timing to help adjust to irregular schedules and jet lag.

Users can enjoy the brightest white lighting at all colour temperatures (2700K-6500K) as it has the widest max brightness range. As a result, it is able to illuminate an average brightness of 806 lumens and a max brightness of 1100 lumens. The Bulb itself doubles as an art piece with its unique shape (Rhombicosidodecahedron) that is made to look good with or without a shade. 

There are four white LEDs per LED set in the specially designed Lightstrip. Two of these LEDs are warm and the other two are cool that helps it achieve the best lighting for your daily needs. There are a total of 21 LED sets per meter outfitted in each Lightstrip(7 sets per 33cm of cuttable length). With a 2m/80-inch length and expansions available at 1m/40 inches, each Lightstrip is easily cuttable for users to customise to their space. Users also have the option to increase the length up to 10 meters meanwhile still maintaining optimal brightness (2000-2200 lumens).

The newly introduced products will be launching exclusively into all Apple stores worldwide, making them the first-ever consumer smart lighting to work with Thread, low latency and low power mesh network technology. With Thread, users will experience improved connectivity, a wider control range, and the ability to set custom Schedules. 

Without the need for an extra hub or bridge, the Essentials offer the most seamless everyday smart lighting for your space. Controllable with the Nanoleaf App, HomeKit App and Google Assistant, the Lightstrip also includes a physical controller for ease of use. Planned updates including Colour Scenes, Screen Mirror and Rhythm Music Sync will be available next month. 

Price and availability

Nanoleaf A19 Light bulb: £17.99

Nanoleaf Lightstrips Starter Kit 2m: £44.99

Nanoleaf Lightstrips Expansion Pack 1m: £19,99

Available on www.nanoleaf.me and in all Apple Stores

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