A Voice-Controlled Virtuoso with Google Assistant and AirPlay 2

In response to increasing customer demand for compatibility with both AirPlay 2 and Google Cast, multi-award-winning Swedish audio brand Audio Pro introduce the captivating, brand-new Audio Pro G10 loudspeaker.


“Of course, we have for several years been able to offer extensive multi-room functionality through our existing range of speakers, yet customers have continued to voice a rising requirement for AirPlay 2 and Google Cast,” says Jens Henriksen, CCO at Audio Pro. “Whilst still creating a speaker with this compatibility, we thought it appropriate to go all the way with the additional integration of the Google Assistant feature, allowing users convenient voice-activated control over their audio, simply by speaking to it. The result was the Audio Pro G10. ”

“We have successfully been able to offer this level of voice-control before via the highly-acclaimed Addon C5A, but on that occasion it was with the incorporation of the Amazon Alexa service into the design,” explains Jens Henriksen. “We are now trying to further adapt to the needs we are experiencing in many markets today and reach out to those customers which prefer Google’s platform over Amazon. Through its Google Cast function, the G10 has the ability to form a multi-room system with other Google Cast speakers. This invaluably allows voice-activated control over an entire group, or household, of Cast- compatible speakers, even if they do not directly possess a built-in Google Assistant function.”

Thanks to its small format, the G10 is extremely easy to place around the home or other setting, but it can also be mounted on a wall or a contemporary ceiling rail, the latter being a unique feature in today’s consumer marketplace. Jens Henriksen clarifies: “Of course, the voice-controlled function facilitates such assembly, but we have been investigating it for some time. Electric rails have been used in public installations for many years, mainly for connection and placement of spotlights. However, we have begun to observe a clear trend also emerging within the home furnishings sector. In connection with this product launch, it therefore seemed quite natural for us to test the market’s response to this new innovative type of audio installation. We have extensive experience of speakers mounted in rails before, but so far only in our business segment for integration into hotels, restaurants, shops etc. We believe that there will soon be a rising desire among consumers to have this type of speaker in their living environment as well.”

Going forward, Audio Pro commit to integration of Google Cast and AirPlay 2 as standard in future products launches. Of course, the company also retains its own multi-room system as an alternative for those who prefer this solution. 

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