A New Operating System To Be The Bridge Between Users and Digital World

Vivo has something new in store for the developers and consumers with the all-new OriginOS launched at the 2020 Developer Conference. The Bridge Between Users and Digital Word is how they are describing it being a strategic approach in products and services, ecosystem and being a bridge between users and the digital world.


At the event, Shi Yujian, Senior Vice-President at vivo, said the company is retracing its roots to focus on the origin of core user needs as its strategic approach for the future. He laid out a three-pronged strategy, centring around products and services that appeal to consumers, a collaborative ecosystem that fosters mutual benefits with developers and ultimately becoming the bridge between users and the digital world.

History shows how vivo has focused on a comprehensice product line layout to service a variety of consumer groups. With its diversified range of products including smartphones, smartwatch and wireless earphones, vivo has been enhancing its offerings amid the evolving needs of consumers. Viva also jumped out of the ordinary and worked with TV, PC and vehicle brands in order to provide a holistic multi-screen interactive experience for users. Going forward, vivo will continue to develop AR glasses as well as other additional intelligent devices to complement user experiences, addressing all aspects of their daily needs.

The newly introduced OriginOS brings forth an array of original features which are complemented with different customization options. This clearly reflects vivo’s determination and strategy of developing product and services that move consumers.

The OriginOS has been designed to focus on the three fundamental consumer demands: design, smoothness and convenience. Smartphones make up for a good part of our days helping us carry out work, school, social and other taks. Vivo recognized how all of this required a higher degree of control in the hands of the consumer. Therefore, OriginOS repurposes familiar features with new exciting designs to create the ultimate smartphone experience.

The smoothness of OriginOS was showcased at the event, flaunting a series of comprehensive software updates that allow users to run complex multi-faceted processes on their vivo device in an effortless manner, assimilating into all aspects of their daily lives. OriginOS is equipped with an advanced desktop information management system that provides users with convenience and clarity in the services they desire on a day to day basis. At the event, vivo also delivered its latest update and strategy on application services, mobile games, business partnership, open technology development and IoT ecosystem. 

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