Wash Your Clothes With Hoover’s New Washing Range!

Hoover chooses IFA Global Press Conference 2020 to take another step in its more than 100-year history of success, built on its ability to deliver products that have revolutionised the household appliance industry: products that combine top-of-the-market results and performance with a high level of efficiency, aimed to satisfy the needs of those seeking a healthy lifestyle, centred on the family wellbeing.


H-WASH 500 washing machine and H-DRY 500 tumble dryer represent the new frontier for washing according to Hoover, that introduces two products able to pair long-lasting performance with maximum efficiency in a perfectly matching design, both in Standard and Slim formats.

The heart and the core of Hoover’s new washing range is the Eco-Power Inverter motor, which guarantees incomparable reliability paired with excellent washing results and the maximum level of efficiency.

The power that pairs with Full Care, granted by nine different washing cycles other than the “Auto Care” cycle – that through a sophisticated algorithm is able to calculate the most suitable program adapting detergent, water and time according to fibres and load – and Specific Hygiene and Sanitization cycles, able to adapt to every need.

Perfectly reflecting Hoover’s attention to wellbeing and sustainability H-Wash 500 and H-DRY 500 allows “no waste”, in virtue of the capability to calculate the exact consumption of water and detergent requested by every load, that in the washing range is completed by the Care Dose system, that automatically adds the exact amount of detergent and softener, based on water hardness and the cycle selected. 

Key and additional features of H-DRY 500  – that aims to be the most ecological model of the market with the minimum level of water and energy waste – are the Aquavision system, that allows to easily re-employ the water collected at the end of the cycle in an apposite tank, and the Active Dry, a new option specifically designed for sanitisation needs: in only 20 minutes, it’s able to remove bad smells, germs and spores in a natural way, for a gentle experience of refreshment.

Exclusive capabilities combined with extraordinary benefits coming from the connectivity: H-WASH 500 and H-DRY 500 are the first appliances of Haier Group connected to hOn app, the new digital platform that allows every user to enter a world full of exclusive functions.

In detail, through hOn it would be possible to remotely control the state of the appliances, track the health status helping to maintain their reliability over time and optimize the washing and drying results, providing real-time consumption data and monitoring usage habits to improve the efficiency.

Another distinctive feature made possible by the connectivity is the Scan to Care function: the app can decode the symbols of the washing label, and the algorithm suggests the correct washing program, allowing to start it directly from the smartphone. After that, it’s also possible to save and store the garments in a Virtual Wardrobe: sorting the ones to wash or dry, the algorithm is able to suggest the correct combinations and the best cycle ensure maximum care of the fabrics. 

All the smart experiences granted by hOn are enriched by the opportunity to manage products with voice via the in-app chatbot, or by connecting to the Google and Amazon Smart Home devices.

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