5 Ways to Make a Rental House Feel Like Home

Renting a property has many benefits, but one thing that many tenants dislike about renting is being unable to truly personalize their house to make it feel like home. To keep rental properties easy to maintain, and to ensure that they appeal to the greatest number of future tenants, they are often decorated in neutral colours, which can leave the house lacking in character and personality. This neutral colour scheme usually consists of magnolia paint in every room. Having magnolia everywhere may make life easier for your landlord, but it can leave the space looking decidedly bland.

If you are tired of having a beige colour scheme throughout your rented house, why not inject some personality into the property without repainting the walls? Here is how you can set about transforming your rental house into a home and adding those all-important personal touches to your rooms:

Add Colour

Just because the walls of your house may be neutral, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the room needs to be. Your soft furnishings are the perfect way to inject plenty of colour into your space. If you don’t feel daring enough to introduce pieces of coloured statement furniture into your rooms, why not liven them up with colourful cushions instead, or a bright throw?

Include Photographs

Displaying your photographs is an excellent way to make a rental house feel more like home. You could add some extra colour into the room by choosing different coloured frames for your photos; check out sites such as Best4Frames to find an extensive choice of picture frames.

If your landlord has banned you from adding new fixtures to the walls, you could try to see if there are any picture hooks already in the house which you can use. Alternatively, you could try using freestanding frames to bring your personality into the room without adding anything extra to the walls.


Accessories are vital for helping a rental property feel like home. If you have ornaments or knick-knacks, why not put them out on display to give the property a more homely feel? This will help you to bring more of your personality and taste into the home and could even help you to feel settled more quickly. 

Introduce Statement Pieces

It is still possible to add a wow factor to a rental property. You need to find the perfect item to help you create it. You may want to look through some interior design magazines for some inspiration and see how other people bring some much-needed wow factor into an otherwise plain room. Your statement piece could be anything, from a trendy floor lamp, through to a luxurious rug. 

Bring the Outside into Your Home

Plants and flowers are the ideal way to brighten up any home and add some extra texture and interest to your rooms. If you prefer a low maintenance option, you could choose cut flowers in a vase or easy to look after plants such as cacti and succulents.


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