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juice Powers Up With The Launch Of New And Improved Audio And Wireless Products

The world-renowned mobile phone accessories brand, juice, has introduced a new innovative wireless audio range that puts it at the forefront. The new range of portable Bluetooth speakers comes along with the development of a number of existing lines to successfully create the brand’s most powerful products yet.


The new additions to the juice’s world under the new range include juice Boom 360, Boom Pro, and Melody speakers, each varying in size, colour, Bluetooth range capacity, and playback time. juice has also introduced a new Rose Gold colour for it’s original best selling speaker alongside the launch of the new audio range. 

Additionally, juice has also shed some light on it’s existing Wireless range by introducing some super enhancement with the popular Duo Pad now more powerful than its predecessor and sporting an all-new look and feel. The 12345 Power Bank range has also boosted its offerings with the introduction of the new Power Bank 7 (juice Max) which carries 7 charges – the most powerful yet.


The newly introduced audio range has now become the second product line to be launched in the new juice packaging, making it 100% recyclable and manufactured from post-consumer waste. The shift towards sustainability has come out of passion from the brand. juice has ensured that this sustainability brings no compromise on quality and no increased costs for customers. The Wireless range will be available from retail giant Argos, also during the first week of August.

CEO of juice, Jolyon Bennett, confirmed: “Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, the juice team has worked incredibly hard to maintain our market-leading position and continue to drive our plans for NPD. 

We set out to launch some new and exciting Audio products to market this summer, as well as giving some of our popular, existing Wireless products more power and we have done it! 

In April 2020, we became the first UK mobile phone accessories retailer to completely remove single-use plastic packaging from our products and are now delighted to bring our brand-new Audio range to market packaged in 100% recyclable plastic.” 

juice’s ongoing product development and the new launch follows a successful period for the forward-thinking brand, having maintained its market-leading position throughout the global pandemic. This is confirmed by the latest GfK data, which revealed that juice currently outperforms any other brand in USB type-C and Micro-USB Cables, and outsells Apple in Lightning Cables.

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