Astralis and Bang & Olufsen in New Partnership

The Danish audio brand Bang & Olufsen and Astralis Group have announced a three-year-long commercial partnership. Bang & Olufsen, renowned for its audio products will be equipping all Astralis team and players with products for off-screen use. Moreover, it will also become the main sponsor of the Astralis FIFA team. As a key aspect of the partnership, Bang & Olufsen will leverage Astralis’ unique competencies and insights from the industry to support the development of their future gaming portfolio.


Jakob Lund Kristensen, Co-Founder and CCO of Astralis Group:

– We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Bang & Olufsen. The partnership is of great value not only commercially, but also brand-wise. Bang & Olufsen shares the values of Astralis: To be on top of their game with a clear identity and uncompromising approach to craft and quality.

– We will be working together to promote Bang & Olufsen products, while Bang & Olufsen will be the main sponsor for our FIFA team, which will include jersey exposure and digital appearances. The agreement is a group partnership, covering both the organisation and the players on our three teams when they are off the server, traveling, and working out.

– By entering the partnership, we are adding a very special partner to our portfolio. We are opening up new ways of working with the combination of esports and gaming, and also placing greater emphasis on product development, which is very much in line with our vision for Astralis. 

Bang & Olufsen gaming headphones ready Spring 2021

Christoffer Poulsen, SVP of Product Management at Bang & Olufsen:

– We are excited to partner with one of the world’s leading e-sports organisations as we venture into gaming. The gamers we want to reach have grown up with gaming. They use it to relax and have fun, challenge themselves and provide mental stimulation. They have a passion for gaming and means to invest in high-end gaming hardware but have found that the industry is not meeting their needs when it comes to superior sound, quality, and comfort.

– We expect to leverage on Astralis’ unique position and capabilities to help us realise the commercial potential in the gaming industry, which is valued more than twice the size of the movie and music industries combined. The first product in our gaming portfolio is a set of headphones that will be available Spring 2021. A premium product, which will bring Bang & Olufsen standards into gaming for the first time.

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