Bespoke Electrified Ownership Experience With The First All-electric Lexus

Lexus has launched a full-service solution called Lexus Charging Network in an attempt to put innovative technology at the heart of the UX 300e ownership experience. Lexus wanted to put forward an enjoyable and trouble-free driving experience in it first all-electric car. As a result, the company developed a new service together with Digital Charging Solutions GmbH. It is accessible to the largest charging network in the whole of Europe. Customers can access it using the Lexus Link connectivity app that was created to complement the brand’s famed Omotenashi service philosophy.


“Owners of our new UX 300e will discover an electrified driving experience that is unique to Lexus,” comments Pascal Ruch, Head of Lexus Europe. “In parallel, we have embraced the latest connectivity technology, to ensure the UX 300e meets our world-class benchmarks for customer satisfaction.”

When the service will be out in its full capacity, it will provide access to the largest network of charging stations throughout Europe comprising 160,000 public charging stations. As a result, US 300e drivers will be able to check availability, charging speed, and price per kWh. A charging station can be quickly and easily located using the Lexus Link’s Charging Station Finder. An owner can locate one anywhere from Europe. Once a station has been located and reached, they simply identify themselves using the Lexus Link app or an RFID card, before charging.

UX 300e owners will benefit from using the Lexus Charging Network as they will only receive one contract and a single charging card which can be used at all participating charging stations. This will simply eradicate the need of having several cards to charge the car in different parts of Europe. Payment is made via a single monthly invoice.

“Leveraging Lexus’ strong vision and leadership in electrified hybrid vehicles, with our expertise in developing digital charging solutions, enables a seamless transition to electric driving. With easy-to-use services, Lexus BEV owners can now conveniently charge their vehicles at stations in many European countries with only one solution,” explains Markus Bartenschlager, Managing Director of Digital Charging Solutions GmbH

Alongside BEV-related tasks, Lexus Link already includes many useful features:

  • “Find my Car”: locates the UX 300e and guides the driver back to it.
  • “Share to Car”: enables the driver to plan a route on another device and send it to their car, while ‘Car to Door’ guides them on foot to their final destination once they are parked.
  • Driving Analytics: lets the driver track journeys, driving style, and highlight business trips.
  • Service and Maintenance: helps the driver manage the care of their UX 300e.
  • Warning Lights: for added reassurance, this function explains the meaning of each warning light and any action that should be taken.

Remote charging control

Lexus Link offers control over the charging as it allows owners to schedule a charging time. In this way, they can get it charged at a time with off-peak energy tariffs. Moreover, it provides information about the status of the car’s battery as well as the current driving range and the time remaining for a complete charge. Alerts can be received to warn of a low battery charge level or any problems with the charging process.

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