Haier launch “Haieractsofkindness”


Haier, the world’s No.1 brand in major appliances have introduced a new initiative under the name #Haieractsofkindness. It has been launched in an attempt to encourage people to nominate those who have performed acts of kindness and gone out of the way without wanting any material gain in return while helping others. The ongoing pandemic has taught everyone the importance of helping those in need. The initiative has been aimed at recognizing those people who have worked extremely hard, with their generosity, hard work, and giving up their time during the pandemic to help others. 

Haier will choose five winners out of all the nominations. The 5 winners will each receive a donation of £1,000 to go to the charity of their choice. Many influences have also partnered with Haier in this incredible initiative encouraging their community followers to bring forward their amazing stories on people from their area that have performed kind deeds.

The nominations received so far reflect incredible selflessness from people including NHS workers, ambulance drivers, neighbors organising shopping runs, and supporting vulnerable families with food and clothing so that people did not go without essential items.

Antony Peart, Director of Brand & Communications commented “We wanted to recognise the amazing work people have been performing up and down the country at this particularly difficult time for so many people. Haier are delighted to be able to recognise these selfless acts of kindness with donations to the nominated charities of the winners.

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