GE Appliances’ New Artificial Intelligence Powered Digital Cooking Experience

Kitchen Hub

GE Appliances is all set to revolutionize the culinary world with its prize-winning Kitchen Hub. Built as an interactive smart kitchen and ventilation system, the Kitchen Hub functions with the use of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. With an inbuilt oven camera, the cooking range not only allows individuals to choose a recipe and view the stage of the cooking process, but it also enables them to adjust oven temperatures and view available ingredients.

Never Before Seen Artificial Intelligence Cooking Technology

While also compatible for use by chefs, the primary target market for GE’s Kitchen Hub lies in the family unit. The typical American family spends hours upon hours in meal planning and incur about $800 a year in food wastage. With the Kitchen Hub, all these problems can be eliminated. Families can base their meals around the ingredients they have on hand, saving both time and money.

The Executive Director for GE Appliances’ Smart Home Solutions, Shawn Stover commented, “Our goal was to integrate industry-leading technologies into the cooking space that take the consumer experience to the next level. The next-gen Kitchen Hub offers solutions to your meal planning dilemma, making life easier and better at home.”

GE Appliances plans to release both the Kitchen Hub and the artificial intelligence run computer cooking technology in late 2020. 

Connected Technology Creating Smart Homes

The GE Kitchen Hub consists of a 27-inch touch screen, a 1.9 cubic feet microwave and a ventilation system. Apart from making the cooking process easier, the Kitchen Hub also adds a heightened sense of interaction into your culinary experience. Individuals can capture their delicious creations and share with family and friends via the inbuilt AI cameras. GE has also aided the reluctant chef by linking the Kitchen Hub to entertainment apps such as Netflix and Spotify. 

GE Appliances has long since been on the road to creating a smarter home, one that adds both ease and relaxation into the individual’s life, allowing them more time for things that truly matter. Among the many features that the Kitchen Hub boasts, some of the best are: 

  • Individuals can develop grocery lists, meal plan, browse the web and adjust cooking temperatures with Google Assistant
  • The Kitchen Hub gives individuals access to multiple recipes, aided cooking functions and capabilities with Slide Chef
  • Embedded video calling function allows individuals to interact with friends and family while cooking
  • An overhead mounted camera and adequate lighting enable individuals to capture their culinary delights in all their glory
  • Interconnectedness with various other smart home appliances such as temperature, lighting and camera elements. Additionally, the Kitchen Hub is fully compatible with Z-Wave products

GE’s Kitchen Hub operates using the Smart HQ platform, a global smart appliance system that inhibits a plethora of interoperability opportunities. An open platform, the Smart HQ enables individuals to maintain connectivity amongst their devices throughout the home. With such an interconnected mode of operation, GE has truly made life much easier for the modern individual. Of course, their products are well up to date with advancements and feature upgrades. 

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