BenQ’s TK850 Projector Can Transform Your Garden Into An Entertainment Hub

Thanks to Covid-19, the prospect of spending more time in the garden is very attractive indeed. While there are many different ways to enjoy a summer evening in the backyard, creating a garden cinema is perhaps the best of all. The TK850 projector by BenQ is the ultimate solution.

A Projector Truly Built With Outdoor Viewing In Mind

Home cinema projectors have become increasingly commonplace in recent times. But the majority of models are built for internal use. The BenQ projector is perfect for outdoor usage thanks to its 3840×2160 resolution. This makes it suited to large screens and wall projections. When coupled with the bright lights and true support of 4K and HDR, the unit is perfect for outdoor applications.

While the projector sits at the top end of the market, it’s value for money isn’t characterised solely by the performance. A robust housing means that you can keep it outside even when strong winds are blowing. Nonetheless, a canopy cover should be used to prevent rain damage. Even so, with the sport mode, it is the perfect addition for watching the game, as well as films.

Versatile Luxury For Modern Families

The TK850 is a piece of equipment that’s suited to displaying sports, movies, and even video games. But it’s versatility doesn’t end there. It can utilise a vertical keystone function to correct alignment issues when placed on a table or uneven surface. This guarantees the perfect viewing experience at all times. Moreover, the 10-watt chambered speaker has the power to deliver a great sound.

It is possible to build the projector into an outside entertainment system that uses surround speaker systems too. When you choose the right architectural services to connect the kitchen to your patio, building luxury becomes easy. Meanwhile, your architectural designs can include screen covers. This essentially turns the projector into a sound system instead.

Flexible Usage For An All-In-One Solution

Whether it’s a video doorbell or an advanced projector screen, you need to see things clearly. As well as the HDR-PRO technology and 8.3 million distinct pixels, the BenQ device shows a huge 709 colours. It also incorporates a lens shift and 1.3x zoom. The frame interpolation for sports viewing is supported by a dynamic iris that meets all contrast needs. The sharpness can also be controlled with ease.

The adaptability doesn’t only mean that you can use the projector for a wide range of applications. It also puts you in a position to seamlessly flick between different modes. So, whether watching the game with friends, catching up on the latest films or playing video games on the big screen doesn’t matter. Your garden home entertainment setup could not look or perform better.


Are there cheaper options on the market? Yes. Nonetheless, the BenQ TK850 projector boasts a range of modern tech features that justify the price tag. The fact that it looks as fantastic as it performs only provides further reason to invest. Whether you’re a tech nerd or just like the thought of watching TV on the big screen in your garden, this unit is a winning solution for all.


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