Haier to introduce I-Pro Series 7 Washer Dryers: Professional Washing Results at Home


Haier has introduced new washer dryers as part of the I-Pro series 7. Series 7 by Haier is the topmost premium portfolio that has all the products with the latest and up to date developments. The Series 7 was brought into place to bring to consumers a combination of best technologies with exclusive features and equipment. As a result, it consists of all the innovative products which now have the new washer dryers. Available in a range of capacities, there is also a stylish graphite finish available in the 8kg and 10kg capacity. Featuring a host of technologies designed to give you XL washing capacity, quieter washing, protect against bacteria, and with a range of programs to provide excellent laundry results every time.

Summary of innovative technology and features:

1. Direct motion motor

The motor installed comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is directly attached to the drum and has no belt. As a result, there is minimal noise and vibrations produced and so less energy is consumed increasing the durability of the product. The direct motion motor makes this washing machine perfect for uninterrupted, open plan living.

2. Refresh

This is a dedicated program in the washer-dryer which handles even the most delicate fabrics with extreme care. It reduces creases to a great extent while removing odors, helping to protect your clothes and skin against bacteria

3. ABT (Anti-Bacterial Treatment)

The Anti-Bacterial treatment material by Haier is also used in the washer dryers which helps to remove bacteria formed in vulnerable areas such as the detergent drawer and door seal. As a result, your clothes stay fresh and there are no unwanted damp odors attached. 

4. Steam Technology

The steam technology helps diffuse the steam within the drum. As a result, the fibers in your laundry are relaxed and it becomes easier for the washer-dryer to remove stubborn dirt and stains while reducing creases. It also acts as a natural softener and anti-allergen

5. Smart Duo Spray Cleaning System

This is an automatic cleaning system for the machine itself. With this, any fibers which are left behind after a wash are removed so that the machine remains clean. 

6. Auto-weight Programme

It takes into account the weight of the laundry you are washing and adjusts the water consumption and duration of the cycle accordingly. Once the weight is taken, the machine works to calculator the optimum settings for the perfect wash in accordance with the weight, ensuring excellent results and minimum energy consumption

7. Pillow Drum Design

The special pillow-shaped pads allow the laundry to gently slip gently over the surface as the drum spins to maintain the quality of clothing

Summary of Specifications (Based on 12KG model):

  • Capacity: Up to 12KG (Washing), 8KG (Dryer)
  • Energy class: A
  • Large drum diameter – 525mm to give an increased washing performance whilst saving time
  • Large 36cm wide door – Larger than other Haier washing machine door openings, to give an increased performance and making loading and unloading the washing machine easier
  • Drum light – Gives increased visibility of the drum for ease of loading and unloading. Never lose a sock again!
  • Noise output: 72dB (A) (spinning) 53dB (A) (washing) 59dB (A) (drying)
  • Washing performance class: A
  • 24h Time Delay – a function that allows you to choose when you want the cycle to finish. The washing machine will then automatically calculate the starting time allowing your washing to fit around you.
  • Spin speed: 1400rpm
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 850 x 595 x 600mm
  • Colors: Graphite finish available in 8KG and 10KG, white available in 8KG 10KG and 12KG

Price & availability:

8KG RRP, from £679, 10KG RRP, from £699, 12KG RRP, from £899 from JLP

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