An affordable Phone For Kids!


Alcatel has introduced an affordable smartphone for the little ones. It is priced at an extremely economical £99.99 which makes it easy for everyone to get it for their kid. The Alcatel 15 was specifically made for this reason: providing lots of premium features that the kids need at an affordable price tag.

The smartphone has a massive 6.22-inch display which allows for an immersive kid gaming and viewing experience. Google Assistant comes built-in in the device allowing your kid to familiarize themselves with voice commands. On the back, there is a high-end triple camera set up making it the perfect fit for those Insta shots your kids would love to share with their friends.

It is not just an affordable price tag and premium features. The design of the smartphone reflects style, sleekness, and comfort. It is the perfect choice for the first smartphone for your kid!

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