HONOR Launches HONOR Academy, Leveraging Great Technology to Bring Knowledge, Creativity, and Fun to Everyday Life


HONOR has announced the launch of the HONOR Academy Program for overseas markets. HONOR was born at a time when the mobile internet was growing fast and it came out as a groundbreaking technology brand for the youth. The HONOR Academy Program is also a new initiative by HONOR for the young people and students to stay productive, master new skills and unleash their creativity by offering exclusive development and learning opportunities. The program has been designed to build a platform where HONOR will be partnering with several leading online learning platforms and cultural institutions to enrich the lives of young people.  

Sparking Creativity and Connecting People Through Technology and Culture

To initiate the HONOR Academy Program, HONOR is partnering with Dali Paris. It aims to offer the art fans an exclusive access-all-areas sneak peek of the private collection which houses over 300 original artworks by the prolific Spanish artist Salvador Dalí, powered by the high performance, ultra portable MagicBook 14 and HONOR 9X Pro. 

Dali has inspired art lovers throughout the world with his surreal artwork and is one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century. Dali Paris is host to notable artworks including Lady Godiva with Butterflies, Alice in Wonderland and Nobility of Time at a permanent exhibition space in the heart of Montmartre, Paris, which is dedicated to the artist’s three-dimensional work, many of which were inspired by his paintings. 

The session will be hour-long and is being held in collaboration with the manager of the museum Pascal Gauzes. It will be streamed live on @honorglobal at 6 pm BST on Friday 5 June. the session will be kicked off with a behind the scenes sneak peek of the collection broadcasted with the HONOR 9X Pro featuring a range of HONOR smart life devices including the HONOR MagicBook 14, HONOR MagicWatch 2 and HONOR MagicEarbuds. It is a great opportunity for tall Dali fans and art and design enthusiasts to forward their queries to Pascal and discover more about the life and times of the fascinating surrealist artist.

HONOR’s creative Experience Officer, @muradosmann will be going live on his Instagram on Wednesday 3 June to get people’s creative juices flowing ahead of the session. He will be encouraging people to put their creativity to the test and discover the fun of art. The fun step by step online tutorial will show people how to create a unique piece of art combining Murad’s signature #followmeto pose with Dali’s artwork, giving everyone a flavor of how they can get creative at home with the help of the HONOR MagicBook 14.

Unleash Your Creativity with HONOR Co-Design Series Bundle

Limited edition designs of laptop sleeves will be made available as early as June on hihonor.com. It will be showcasing a vast range of striking designs from some of the hyped names of the world’s of art, fashion, and graphic design, including Jacky Tsai and Giovanni Ozzola, these fashionable accessories are the perfect companion for your laptop.

Superior Features and Functionality at an Affordable Price Point

Working for home has made many realize the importance of having a good professional laptop. Even students with their online classes need a solid laptop. The HONOR MagicBook 14 is pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 10 Home and is designed for young professionals and students who seek superior features and functionality without the hefty price tag. 

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