Myzone launches the world’s first virtual live group fitness class with integrated real-time biometric feedback and personalized training


Myzone – the effort-based wearable fitness brand enjoyed by over 1.5 million users worldwide – is launching MZ-Remote – the world’s first virtual live group workout where participants can connect and exercise together, whilst receiving real-time biometric feedback and personalized coaching from a trainer based on their effort.

Now all the Myzone users can use the innovative system to connect and work out together. It can be done on one screen with live heart-rate feedback as well as bespoke coaching for all the participants involved. The company has made a statement about their commitment to social connectedness despite physical distancing still being in place during lockdown through the launch of the system.

The Myzone app now has the MZ- Remote, which is provided by a Myzone Master Trainer, available. The MZ-3 heart-rate monitor captures the live performance effort of the participants who connect through the Myzone app. This information is shared with the virtual group making it possible for everyone to work out together from their smartphone. The benefit of the shared feedback on the screen allows for competitiveness which leads to greater encouragement and motivation, just like in a real class. 

Users can get a track record of their real-time heart-rate and calories on the MZ-3 heart-rate monitor which are then converted into the Myzone Effort Points (MEPs). Boasting 99.4% accuracy, MZ-3 connects with the free Myzone app, to display user’s personalized effort feedback in five simple color-coded zones.

Dave Wright, CEO of Myzone, comments: “At a time when physically distancing is necessary, it is essential to stay socially connected. We wanted to provide our Myzone community with a way to do this through exercise. MZ-Remote differs from other live virtual fitness classes as we do not just simply broadcast our class, we provide personalized coaching to all participants based on their live effort feedback, which everyone else in the workout can also see. Since lockdown we have had thousands of new users join every week, so we are very excited to launch MZ-Remote where our Myzone community can stay both physically and mentally fit by working out together, remotely.”

MZ-Remote will be available on the Myzone app from 21st May, and the accompanying Myzone MZ-3 heart-rate monitor is available to purchase from


Step 1: Book a class

  • To participate in an MZ-Remote class, you must first book the class on the Myzone app.
    From the main menu in the Myzone app, select Book A Class then select Timetable.
  • Find and book your class
  • To manage your bookings, navigate back to MZ-Book in the app, and select My Classes.

Step 2: Join a class

  • Before beginning an MZ-Remote class, put on your belt and launch the Myzone app on your mobile device.
  • Access the class by selecting on your Workout tile.
  • You may also join the class when prompted by a push notification on your mobile device. When selected, it will take you directly to your Workout tile.
  • If the instructor has started their Zoom video stream, you will see the instructor on the bottom half of your screen with your live effort at the top.
  • To toggle back and forth between the class live board and your personal effort tile, select in the top left-hand corner of your screen.
  • For a better visual experience `Screen Mirror’ your phone to your Apple tv or Smart tv

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