LG Electronics Reveals The Habits We Will Continue Beyond Lockdown


Half of the British population (51%) plans on continuing the new habits they have developed during the social distancing pandemic once it ends. These include listening to podcasts, online fitness classes and regular walking, etc. 2 out of  5 Brits feel and believe that the newly developed habits are beneficial for health and well being. Similarly, more than one in four have found it easier to relax and keep a better routine. 

The data has come out as a result of LG Electronics UK’s research conducted, marking the launch of its latest portable and lightweight laptop range, LG gram. 

The results from the study provide evidence for the nation’s increased dependence on technology.  Laptops take up 54%, TV 57%, and mobile phones 64% of essential use for work and entertainment during the lockdown. 

The study with a poll of 2000 conducted by OnePoll has also brought light to the fact that ever since social distancing happened, voice calls have become our primary method of keeping in touch with loved ones and friends. The nation has been embracing digital birthday celebrations (25%), pub quizzes (20%), and even stag or hen dos (7%).

On average, a person is spending around 2 hours and 50 minutes on video calls weekly. Almost half the nation (48%) agrees on the fact that video calls will persist post lockdown as well the same amount or even more. Moreover, around 25% of people agree that they will be working from home more often even when offices open up. When asked what their ideal space to work from would be in the future, the home was the most popular answer (30%), followed by a fixed office (23%), and then outside space (9%).

Hanju Kim, IT Product Director, LG UK said: “It’s both encouraging and uplifting to see some of the positive things coming out of this challenging period. The fact that many people are forming productive and healthy new habits is testament to the nation’s ability to adjust. The nation is working from home and has an appetite to continue working flexibly even after offices reopen. A big part of this can be attributed to technology keeping us connected.”

Mr. Kim added: “With the home now acting as the new office for many, eight in 10 Brits admit that they are doing the same or more work than before. LG’s mission has always been to put people at the heart of its products; creating technology that simplifies and improves life. Boasting the lightest 17” laptop in the world, a 17-hour battery life, and military-grade durability, the new LG gram laptop is the latest example of this.”

The 2020 range of LG gram laptops are available in the UK from May 18, available in 14” (RRP £X), 15” (RRP £X), and 17” (RRP £X) sizes, featuring a 10th Generation Intel Core processor with Iris  Plus graphics and up to 24GB of dual-channel DDR4 memory. With the 14” model weighing under 1kg and the 15” + 17” models allowing up to 17 hours of battery life, the 2020 range sets a new standard for portable computing.

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