Haier Product Released A New Refrigerator!


Fresher Techs are the innovative technologies exclusively created by Haier that have been designed with one objective: keeping your foods Fresher and tastier for longer. They have launched an incredible refrigerator, HB18FGSAAA,  with the following features: 

The Moist Zone allows for up to 90% humidity for fruit and vegetables. This helps to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer as well as saving money on replacing items. The Moist Zone is designed by Haier to keep the humidity within the compartment at an optimum 90%, which helps to maintain its nutritional content.

The Dry Zone provides low humidity to keep the meat, fish, or dairy fresh. By maintaining low humidity, an optimal environment is created to store foods such as cheese and meat, helping to keep food fresher for longer and preserve their nutritional content as well as saving you money on replacing items. 

It also comes packed with Fresher Sensors which are installed on all shelves of the refrigerator. These sensors monitor the temperature and ensure that cold air is only distributed where it is required. As a result, the fruits retain their nutrients for longer as their storage life increases. This is possible as the Sensors allow the refrigerator to quickly reach the optimal temperature for the food. 

The comes the Fresher Pad which is crafted out of aluminum. It is a tray that allows for food items to be frozen or defrosted 3 times faster. Accelerating both processes allows the food to hold its nutritional content for a longer period than usual. It’s an innovation that isn’t only convenient, it also takes care of your family’s health and wellbeing.

The ABT  in the refrigerator neutralizes 99.8% of bacteria to maintain freshness and remove bad odors. The exclusive ABT (Anti-Bacterial Treatment) by hair works by making use of the ultraviolet light to prevent the formation and proliferation of bacteria in the refrigerator.bThis helps to preserve the taste of your food, prevent bad odors, improve fridge hygiene and protect the health of you and your family

The design of the refrigerator is outclassing. It has a glass finish with Beautiful minimalistic design which is coupled with glass-covered stainless Steel. With its features and beautiful design, it becomes an elegant yet efficient accessory for your kitchen. The proximity sensors also make the external digital display control panel illuminate when the user is approaching the fridge freezer.  

Total No Frost Technology will never let you manually defrost again. Haier’s Total No Frost technology uses multiple air flows to maintain consistent temperatures in all compartments. Maintenance has never been easier!

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