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Haier 876 Series HW120-B14876 washing machine


Haier as introduced an incredible new washing machine with innovative specs and features. The 876 Series HW120-B14876 washing machine comes packed with a direct motion motor with a 65dB spinning noise level. The motor has a lifetime guarantee and operates without a belt. You will find it attached directly to the drum. As a result, noise levels are significantly reduced along with vibration and energy consumption. It is highly durable: the direct motion motor makes this washing machine perfect for uninterrupted, open plan living

It comes with ATB, an exclusive Haier Anti-Bacterial Treatment material that protects against mould and bacteria forming in vulnerable areas, such as the detergent drawer and door seal. Helping to keep your clothes feeling and smelling fresh, as well as preventing those unwanted damp odors

The steam is diffused within the drum. Due to this contact with steam, the fibers of your laundry are relaxed, helping the removal of stubborn dirt and stains whilst reducing creases. It also acts as a natural softener and anti-allergen. Moreover, the Smart Dual Spray, an automatic cleaning system, removes any fibers which are left behind in the washing machine at the end of each wash cycle. 

The washing machine with its smart washing system also adjusts the water consumption and cycle duration according to the amount of laundry you’re washing. The machine then calculates the optimum setting depending on the weight of the laundry, ensuring excellent results and minimum energy consumption. The special pillow-shaped pads known as pillow drum allows laundry to gently slip gently over the surface as the drum spins to maintain the quality of clothing

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