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Leading AI-Powered Smart Toy, Roybi, Launches New Character DOCBI: A Companion Character to Coach Children On Best Health + Self Care Practices

Roybi Robot, the world’s first AI-powered smart toy that teaches languages and STEM skills to young children, has launched a first of its kind, patent-pending companion character named DOCBI: a “scientist friend” who helps children stay in good health–and high spirits.  

The DOCBI character uses cutting edge AI technology. It can be integrated into various lessons and interactive games to help children practice good hygiene while assisting parents as they navigate through the current environment, communicating this crucial information to children in a positive way.

Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made recommendations for its development. The DOCBI character does not only teach the children about issues related to current times but about future health, self-care, and well-being as well. It uses engaging and playful content to teach the children problem-solving skills, the scientific method, and other research-backed information surrounding children’s health. 

“We’re thrilled to introduce DOCBI, who was created in just three weeks’ time, to the ROYBI world and into your child’s hearts,” ROYBI Founder & CEO, Elnaz Sarraf shares. “This can be a scary time for both adults and children alike and we love the idea of our friend DOCBI helping to lighten that load for all of us.”

The pace at which Roybi Robot is moving, it will soon become the global leader in speech recognition. It is cloud-based, and offline real-time ASR which is intended to serve children all around the world. The team behind Roybi is dedicated to developing innovative pedagogical practices through scientific research and digital ingenuity. With the addition of DOCBI, the ROYBI family introduces the first educational AI robot created to aid in the fight against COVID-19.

  • Roybi’s emotional and social support, providing children with the interactions they need – especially now that their social interactions have most certainly dwindled if not disappeared. 
  • Robots, in general, can help children build self-efficacy, resulting in a stronger foundation for emotional, and academic development.
  • Children need to be able to experience emotions in the most non-judgmental setting, without fear of rejection or ridicule. When children interact with robots, they are able to feel and experience their raw emotions and work through them without judgment or the reaction of another person’s emotions clouding their feelings.

Emotional development is at the forefront of many early education practices. The focus is beginning to shift to mindful practices, social-emotional education, sensory development, and other whole child practices.

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