Logitech G Announces Support for Personalised Spatial Audio from Embody

Logitech G and Embody, specialists in personalized spatial audio, have announced that Immerse is immediately available for a large number of Logitech G gaming headsets. Immerse is a new audio technology platform that, according to the allies, in combination with a Logitech G-headset, should ensure a superior in-game sound experience. A free 14-day trial of Immerse can be downloaded from the Embody website.

Based on a smartphone photo of your ear, Immerse must be able to create a model in less than 60 seconds using self-learning algorithms and statistics. With the audio model tailored to your ear, the platform then places location-specific sound around you. It must provide personalized spatial audio and place you as close to a game as possible.

“The challenge of giving spatial awareness of sound using headsets has persisted for decades. The folds and shape of the outer ear are unique to each individual and change the way we hear the sounds around us. Hence the need for a Personalised Spatial Audio solution,” said Kapil Jain, CEO of Embody. “With ImmerseTM, it is sound crafted for you, not for the masses. We’re excited to work with Logitech G to bring this innovative technology to their gaming headset users worldwide.”   

Pricing and Availability

The Immerse subscription includes access to the latest software releases through 3 flexible subscription models including a monthly subscription of $2.99 annually at $14.99, or a five-year subscription of $39.99. Immerse™ can be downloaded from the Embody website.

Immerse supports the following Logitech G gaming headsets.

  • G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset
  • G233 Prodigy Gaming Headset
  • G332 Gaming Headset and G331 Gaming Headset
  • G432 Gaming Headset and G431 Gaming Headset
  • G433 Gaming Headset
  • G533 Gaming Headset
  • G633 Gaming Headset
  • G933 Gaming Headset
  • G635 Gaming Headset and G633s Gaming Headset
  • G935 Gaming Headset and G933s Gaming Headset
  • PRO Gaming Headset (2017)
  • PRO Gaming Headset (2019) 
  • PRO X Gaming Headset

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