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For the 21st century superwoman, Clover has designed and developed the highest quality luxury, the smartest bag with the coolest handcrafted accessories to go along with it. There are 12 models in total incorporating incredible technology. The models come in 14 colors in total so you have a wide variety of shades to choose from. These bags have exquisitely combined world-renowned German functionality with century-long Italian leather traditions for plenty of old-world styles and quality blended with truly modern sensibilities. The product is an ultra fashioned 2020 style. These bags enable the average busy woman to simplify her daily life. The bags are not just it. Each bag as useful add-on compartments and a set of unmatched quality accessories. 

Bringing ease to your life

We see flashy and fast fashion designs in the fashion world today. However, most of it lacks the attention to detail. A timeless design that smoothly blends in with the modern world does not exist. Therefore, Clover has come up with a simple, yet charming and elegant way of producing bags that make the lives of women easier. The bag adapts to your ever-changing needs meanwhile keeping your life in order. 

Design and Material

The pieces of leather used to make the bags are chosen and tested for durability. The design has attention to detail which is handcrafted. The styles have been analyzed to meet the future and modern trends. This is part of Clover’s timeless promise, providing bags that go with the fashion of today and tomorrow. 

The unique thing about these bags is that each bag is exquisitely handmade. This generates a sense of uniqueness and speaks for the excellent quality of the bags. You can do so much more with it than just carry your day to day stuff since it has been designed to be fully compatible with today’s tech-laden modern lifestyles.

So, what are the distinctive and clever features of Clover bags that are unmissable?

  • An innovative removable inner compartment bag lets you transfer items from one bag to another in just a few seconds. Available in Muscari, Aster, Hyacinth, Jasmine models.
  • Searching for something in the dark? The internal wireless light works from the motion sensor and lights up your bag as soon as you put your hand inside! Available in Muscari, Aster, Hyacinth, Jasmin, Freesia, Iris, Iberis models.
  • A set of chic and must-have complementary accessories includes a wallet that matches the style of the bag, a key holder, a headphone holder, and a bottle holder.  
  • Choose even more accessories to match your needs and style – we offer branded steel pens, table bag holders, cosmetic bags, sunglasses cases and more!
  • Each Clover bag comes beautifully wrapped as a gift. Worldwide free shipping is complimentary with every purchase.

Colors and Leather

Clover bags come in two types of leather far better than traditional “genuine leather” – flotar (granual) or napa (soft and smooth) quality leather. The bags are available in 14 colors: ananas, avocado, bianko, black, champagne, cremisi, flake, flirt, fog, jeans, orange, oxygen, turchese and woody. 

The Twelve Bags!

  1. Iris is a spacious casual bag with two functional front pockets for day to day use. Size: 33x26x15cm
  1. Hyacinth is a voluminous bag to fit everything you need for the day-to-day routine. Removable and adjustable handles and shoulder strap 95-110cm. A transferable inner bag inside. Size 23.5x37x18cm
  1. Iberis backpack is a “transformer” that can be changed between a backpack and a bag. Size: 28x26x15cm. Adjustable handles. Length of a strap in the form of a bag 119 cm
  1. Jasmin bag combines minimalism and comfort. Removable and adjustable shoulder strap 95-110cm. A transferable inner bag inside. Size: 27.5x33x17.5cm
  1. Freesia is a firm and elegant, classy and modern, roomy yet iconic bag. A transferable inner bag inside completes the picture. Size: 27.5x33x17.5cm
  1. Phlox is a perfect vessel for both casual and business looks. Removable and adjustable shoulder strap 62-107cm. Size: 26×34.5x5cm
  1. Silene Mini is an elegant bag for any occasion. Despite its name, it is quite capacious. Removable and adjustable shoulder strap 95-110cm. Size: 17x24x10cm.
  1. Muscari bag is an elegant model with the concept “less is more,” perfect for any occasion from business meeting to a casual event. Transferable inner bag inside. Size: 27x39x17cm.
  1. Aster is a business-look bag with clear cut lines and fit for a laptop and A4 or US Letter papers. Size: 27x44x18cm

Smaller leather handbags include Tulip, Clutch, and Wallet. 


With ten models from Clover classic tote, hobo, mini-bag and clutch, to exclusive author’s bags and more, they can be pre-ordered at a discounted price on KickStarter for a limited time only. The prices range between 140€ and 600€. Get a set of two Clover bags and save 70€. Order three Clover bags and save 140€. Buy four Clover bags and save 210€.

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