LynQ, the Smart People Compass that Keeps Everyone Together


Ever lose track of your friends at a music festival, your family on a hike or ski slopes, or your children when wandering a new city on vacation? LynQ, a new smart people compass that works without smartphones, internet access or mobile, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks, is the perfect solution to these issues, and best of all: it’s about to start commercially shipping!

LynQ created lithium battery-powered devices that communicate directly with one another using long-range radio waves. This, combined with GPS-based kinetic positioning tells you where you and your other connected Lynq device friends are located. No cell service or network required.

The clip-on, weather-proof device, which has been military-tested and approved, allows groups of up to 12 to find each other, at their exact location, across miles – even when other technologies fail! It does this through its intuitive compass-like display that allows people to see their relative distance and direction from each other in real-time. 

It’s a basic, weather-proof gadget with one single button, allowing you to track up to 12 people at a time. For far-flung travelers or pros on a rescue mission, having peer-to-peer communication that actually works is a pretty big deal. And, at $249 for a pack of two, the product seems ready for prime time. 

LynQ will begin its commercial shipping in early January, after selling more than $1.7 million in presales on Indiegogo and shipping to its campaign backers. It will be available at

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