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HONOR Officially Unveils the Brand-New HONOR MagicWatch 2


As the ongoing trade debacle between the US and Huawei unfolds rather slowly, Honor has continued to refocus some of its efforts in non-US related tech. That renewed focus has come in the form of an upgraded (and pretty impressive) Honor Band 5, and now a successor to the original Honor Magic Watch which launched late last year. The Honor Magic Watch 2, like its predecessor, runs LiteOS – not WearOS. Other specs include a 454 x 454, 1.39-inch full-color AMOLED display (for the 46mm version that we received), 4GB of onboard storage, and a 455mAh battery that gives up to 2 weeks of battery life. A personalizable smartwatch that activates a smart and healthy life

“HONOR MagicWatch 2 is another strong product that helps to achieve our 1+8+N IoT strategy,” said Olivier Dobo UK Marketing Director. “HONOR MagicWatch 2 marks another big step in the brand’s own ecosystem integration of connected smart products as well as the global wearable market. The HONOR MagicWatch 2 cements our forward-thinking in smartwatch design and development of wearable products. Whether you are out for fitness training or work, HONOR MagicWatch 2 will keep you at your optimal performance inside and out.”

15 fitness modes to be your trusted work-out companion

The two watches in the classic round design should help the wearer to optimize his or her sport and health activities. So 15 sport modes are pre-installed and a virtual trainer explains what to do while jogging. Heart rate measurement, a step counter and the display of estimated calorie consumption are now standards for such watches.

In addition to the sports modes, Huawei TruSeen technology is intended to improve health. At TruSeen, a 24-hour heart rate measurement is coupled with an ambient light sensor and artificial intelligence to generate even more accurate results. The Honor Magic Watch 2 measures sleep behavior and can give up to 200 different suggestions for improving sleep. In addition, the watch measures the stress level and should thus ensure a more relaxed everyday life. However, this only works with an Android smartphone.

Design and display

The Honor Magic Watch 2 consists of the main body with removable straps, similar to many other smartwatches. There are two size variants, 42mm and 46mm, and we used the latter large device for our testing.

The straps on the model we tested were silicone, but there are leather options too depending on which color watch you buy. There are plenty of holes in the strap, enough so that the watch will generally be a good fit no matter what size your wrist is, but curiously there are also holes in the same side of the strap as the buckle, which looks a bit silly.

The body of the Honor Magic Watch 2 is roughly 0.9mm thick, and 42mm or 46mm across depending on which model you buy. The case is flat, not rising above the screen like in the original Watch Magic, giving the device a slightly minimalist (or ‘cheap’?) look, and on the right, there are two crowns which are a little flatter than on other smartwatches.

In terms of the display, you’re getting an AMOLED 1.39-inch screen on this device (and a 1.2-inch one on the smaller device), which is generally pretty bright and delivers vibrant colors; perfect for viewing outdoors while you’re out and about or exercising. 

Charging and battery life

The Honor Magic Watch 2 has a huge focus on battery life, and with good reason. The 46mm version lasts approximately 14 days on a single charge, though around 7 if you have the always-on display enabled. The 42mm version lasts about 7 days from a single charge, with a similar cut down on battery life when always-on is enabled. It can charge in about an hour or so on a magnetic dock that it sits in, though it’s not wireless and connects to two pins on the underside of the watch. The magnetic dock is powered by USB-C. 2-week battery life is great, as I had to charge my OG Huawei Watch pretty much every day.


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