VIOFO’s addition to the budget camera range: A119 V3 Quad HD dashcam

VIOFO dash-cam

VIOFO, which has been in the game for innovative dash cam manufacturing for quite a while now, has unveiled its upgraded and much-improved version of its renowned A119 V2, the A119 V3 into the UK market. With excellent value for the money, the new dash-cam offers multiple features and incredible clarity of images that you have never seen before. It is here to become your ideal in-car partner. The A119 V3 is a  stunning addition to the budget dash-cam market, providing marvelous value for your money with tremendous features in the package. 


VIOFO’s A119 V3 dash-cam features a fully advanced 5MP IMX355 Sony Starvis sensor with an F1.6 7G lens. Moreover, it is capable of refreshing at 30 frames per second with WDR, recording at 2K Quad HD+1600P resolution allowing the dash-cam to produce stunner for images and videos in both situations, day and night. Reading license plates and recording incidents with smoothness and clarity are its specialty as it does the job brilliantly. Claiming insurance will become easier for users as they will be able to provide clear cut evidence with the help of the dash-cam. 

Moreover, it features a 140-degree angle that provides a wide-angle few of the roads in order to cover a large area for the driver’s convenience. The 2-inch screen allows users to playback video and audio files or toggle camera settings instantly.

GPS Module

The GPS module is another great feature in the A119 V3. with its help the dash-cam can record real-time speed, time and GPS route in the recorded video file. As a result, the day and time data, as well as speed, are available for users to provide as further evidence in case of an incident. 

The parking modes: Auto Event Detection, Time Lapse, and Low Bitrate Recording

In addition to all the great features, the A119 V3 also features an upgraded parking mode function that offers three modes to suit the needs of the users. These modes include Auto Event Detection, Time Lapse, and Low Bitrate Recording. The Auto Event Detection, when activated, the buffered parking mode comes into action. It automatically records video 15 seconds prior and 30 seconds post an incident. The Time Lapse works differently. It records at a low rate fps compressed into a long file and the Low Bitrate Recording makes sure that storage space is saved for more videos. 

Moreover, if you prefer protection while the vehicle is parked, an HK3 ACC 3 wire hardwire cable can be purchased whereby Parking Mode can be utilized providing 24 hours surveillance on your parked vehicle. This wire functions when the engine is off and continues to provide the dash-cam with power without draining the battery of the vehicle. 

The Design

The dash-cam has been designed in a compact packaging for it to not obstruct the view of the driver in any way. It sits perfectly on the windshield without attracting any unwanted attention due to the compactness. It is pretty easy to remove and place due to the small black 3M magnet. For those who prefer a suction cup mount, it can be purchased separately. 

The G-sensor activates the emergency recording mode which records if a vehicle brakes hard or if an accident takes place and the footage will be locked automatically to avoid any accidental overwrites and, with an SD card (sold separately), drivers can store up to 256GB of HD video.  The camera also comes with a loop recording feature that automatically records over the oldest files when the memory card is full to make room for new recordings.   

Pricing and Availability

With a built-in microphone, auto start/stop and a one year guarantee the A119 V3 really is an ideal choice for drivers who are looking for an affordable yet feature-packed dashcam.  The A119 V3 is available from Amazon for an RRP of £99.99 with free delivery. 

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