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Ultra Secure Smartphones showcased at the NATO Information Assurance Symposium by Bittium

On October 15, 2019, Bittium exhibits the Bittium Tough Mobile product family which offers ultra-secure smartphones and related Bittium Secure Suite back-end system at NATO’s largest cybersecurity conference. The latest additions to the Bittium Tough Mobile product family showcased at the event include Bittium Tough Mobile 2, as well as Bittium Tough Mobile C smartphone and Bittium Secure Suite back-end system, which together form the first smartphone-based communication solution in the world certified for CONFIDENTIAL security level (NCSA-FI). 

Security is taken to another level with the smartphone’s double-boot mode which has two different modes: public and confidential. Consequently, people get to have a professional set up and a personal set up in a single device. There is no need to have two devices for separate purposes as Bittium has designed their double-boot functionality to provide a convenient solution for this. 

Bittium also has a speaker slot at the event: “Improved operational decision making by combining Twitter hashtags with bodycam footage”. During the workshop session Mr Juha Eskelin, Head of SafeMove security product line, will describe methods for taking advantage of public data and data produced by different sensors used by authorities in operational decision making and for creating situational awareness.

Diggin into the mobile product family

What makes the information security features of the mobile product family is the multilayered security structure based on hardened Android operating system (OS). this is backed by unique hardware solutions and the information security features and software integrated into the source code. Moreover, Bittium also ensures supervised and secure manufacturing and supply of smartphones. They are designed and manufactured in Finland. 

What makes it better than others is the integration of the Bittum Secure Suite device management and encryption software product. Consequently, the devices can be used for different national government authorities. As smartphones have been designed for use by authorities, they have a significantly longer availability and lifespan and better availability of security updates compared to conventional smartphones.

Bittium Tough Mobile C


This smartphone brings the best and highest level of security and privacy to the authorities, government agencies and enterprises. This is possible because it is a smartphone-based mobile communication solution. The smartphone-based mobile communication solution looks after sensitive data at rest, data in transit and allows for remote management of device fleet. This is achieved by a combination of dual-boot variant Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone and Bittum Secure Suite device management and encryption software that provides a full set of services for secure communication.

Bittium Tough Mobile 2


Bittium Tough Mobile 2 is the  Next-generation tamper detection for preventing data theft and spying. It has hardware-based privacy mode for disabling microphones, cameras, Bluetooth, and reducing sensor sensitivity. Moreover, there is a trusted boot with hardware and software integrity validation. The device and data in transit are secured with Bittium Secure Suite device management and encryption software product

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