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Top Tech Gift Ideas This Christmas

The nights are drawing in and soon the clocks will be changing. It can be hard to face the darker nights and cooler temperatures sometimes as we move towards summer. But one thing that is going to help to put a smile back on your face, is the fact that the festive season will be upon us. It can be a fun time as we plan and prepare for the big day, with parties, celebrations, and plenty of eating and being merry. It can be even better when you can get to surprise the people around you with some amazing and luxurious gifts, that are going to be guaranteed to please. 

As you might imagine, this post is all about some of the tech that you might want to find under the tree this Christmas, or that you’d want to give to other people. With a big range of cutting-edge and popular gadgets that have been recently released, or that will be released soon, then there are plenty of things to choose from. Just make sure that you are looking on sites like NetVoucherCodes.co.uk when you buy things this Christmas so that you can get a good discount code. So read on to find out what the top tech picks for Christmas this year.

Apple iPad

You, or the people that you are buying for, may already have an iPad (a lot of households do). But if you are looking for a really modern update, then the new seventh-generation Apple iPad, seen here, Apple.com/newsroom/2019/09/new-version-most-popular, has hit the market this year, and as a result, is set to be one of the things that tops Christmas wish lists this year. It has many of the standard features that comes from an iPad, but if you start to look a little closer, then you will see that it has stepped up and changed up compared to previous models. It has a large screen, which gives you the option of using a keyboard with it, so can be a really versatile piece of tech to have. But at the end of the day, it is the latest launch from Apple, so it will be updated and have a lot to offer. 


VR Headset

A virtual reality headset makes for a pretty ideal piece of tech that you get for a gift, because it is something that someone won’t buy from themselves. The virtual reality trend is showing no sign of slowing down, so why not have a bit of fun with it and be able to enjoy it in your own home? It can be a bit of a luxury tech piece of kit, although the cost of them isn’t that high. As long as your recipient has access to a smartphone, then that is what they can use to get the games. There are sports VR options too, so have a look to see what would fit your budget.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If you love to have music playing around the house, even in the bathroom, then getting a speaker is a must. Of course, getting one that is waterproof is an even better choice. It can even work well for things like travel when out by a pool or beach, so it does make a great gift choice. One top option this Christmas could be the Wonderboom 2 waterproof wireless speaker from Ultimate Ears as it is pretty compact and has a really good battery life. 

Fitness Tracker

There is also a bit of a trend to have your tech gadget be one that tracks and monitors your fitness. And that trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. One of the best fitness trackers out there at the moment is Fitbit, and they have a new Versa option which is the most up to date and is packed full of some pretty cool features. It even teams up with the Amazon Alexa, and the two of them can interact, so that is something that makes a great feature. You could ask Alexa to time your workout, for example. There are a whole host of fitness trackers out there, though, so it is a good idea to have a look around and find one that fits your budget. 


Speaking of something that works well with an Amazon item, then it can be a good idea to look at something like the Echo Buds, that work alongside an Amazon Echo/ Alexa. Headphones are always something that works well on a tech list, and also work well for giving as a gift. But as these are wireless and have a really immersive sound, the earbuds can work hands-free with the Amazon Alexa app to play music, listen to Audible audiobooks, and even make calls or ask for directions or even checking the weather. It is something unlike any other. 

Tile Mate

If you are looking for a gift idea that is practical, as well as quite fun, then have you heard of the Tile Mate? It is a great way to find your keys when they are lost, but without the swearing! What you do is use your smartphone, alongside a Tile Mate that is attached to your keys, and it will ring when your keys are around somewhere but are a little out of sight. Even if your phone is missing, you can use the Tile Mate the reverse way round. You can press the button on the tile, and it will make your phone ring, which is great, as it works even when the phone is on silent. 

Shopping for Christmas gifts can feel a little stressful sometimes. But as long as you give yourself enough time and spread your budget out, it can be a really enjoyable process. But these are all going to be great to find under the tree, and they all have some features that can make normal life much more enjoyable, and can start the year 2020 off in a great way. 


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