The first-ever hybrid home gateway in the industry: ZTE 5G+VDSL2


The leading world provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, ZTE, has launched the first-ever 5G+VDSL2 hybrid home gateway. The ZTE H339X was showcased at the Broadband World Forum 2019. The new device offers a wide variety of evolution solution to the users allowing them to build super high-performance networks. This is achieved as the device supports a number of access technologies, such as 5G, VDSL2, PON and Ethernet WAN.


The H339X 5G+VDSL2 hybrid home gateway allows users to have access to the network in a variety of situations. Users who live in areas with legacy copper infrastructure, the H339X can be used to overcome the bandwidth constraints of xDSL and achieve gigabit speeds from a combination of 5G and xDSL networks.

For users who live in areas with copper or fibre cables absent the H339X allows users to access broadband services via 5G. As a result, users are allowed to enjoy the superior low-rate, low-latency network experience. Moreover, with an SFP cage that can pack a GPON/XG-PON/XGS-PON module, the H339X enables the up-gradation of the access network smoothly from DSL to PON. as a result, operators can conduct deep fibre deployments. It doesn’t just stop here. The H339X supports 10GE Ethernet WAN access. This allows users to create a home network in SFU plus router mode. The H339X can also be reused in network upgrades to help operators reduce the cost of devices and operations.

More support

Moreover, the H339X offer support for various network features on the user side. These include: Wi-Fi 6 and 4×4 11ax@2.4GHz+4×4 11ax@5GHz MU-MIMO, providing physical rates of up to 3.6 Gbps, which is three times the speed of AC1200 home gateways. All those looking for an ultimate broadband experience, the H339X brings it with its 10GE LAN port and 5G ultra high-bandwidth interface. 

EasyMesh, design and CPE field

The H339X is also compatible with EasyMesh standard. This allows it to be compatible with devices from various vendors. This results in helping operators in rolling out home network services and allow them to build a smart mesh Wi-Fi network.

The hardware design supports the advanced features it has. The H339X 5G+VDSL2 hybrid home gateway features an advanced antenna array preventing the RF bands of 5G and Wi-Fi from interfering with each other. The futuristic X shape of H339X symbolizes a future of endless possibilities, echoing the product’s integration of multiple access technologies.

Moreover, ZTE’s strong R&D capabilities allow it to lead in the CPE field as well. This is backed by the widespread adoption of its products throughout the global markets. In Q1 2019, ZTE ranked second in terms of the global market share of CPE devices, according to a data report of the research firm IHS Markit.

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